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Random question...SS+


Restart 3/9/2013
Ok this might sound like a silly question...

Am thinking of doing ss+ for a week while I get back in the swing of things post holiday. Now this might sound daft but are we allowed fresh herbs?

Having a bit of a bizarre craving for some fresh coriander or fresh basil leaves...mmm nice with a bit of chicken breast :drool:

Anyone know?
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Silver Member
If thats what you fancy I can't see any difference between fresh coriander and any other green leaf salad. Look up carb value of it they are all on the net! Enjoy your chicken - quite fancy that myself. :D


Gone fishing
SS+ does not say anything about herbs.
Herbs and dressings are fine on SS+. Either a little calorie free salad dressing or small sprinkling of fresh herbs :)

Avoid salt, garlic and onion salt.

Enjoy :)


Restart 3/9/2013
I was thinking more along the lines of whole fresh basil leaves as opposed to lettuce as my "green"?


Silver Member
I really can't see why not. Even if we end up on the same challenge team I would still say 'go for it' :D


Restart 3/9/2013
My counsellor is on holiday, but seeing my sisters counsellor tonight so will ask her! God its terrible - feel really disloyal seeing another counsellor, even though my counsellor knows and has spoken to her! lol

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