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Rant & Moan Thread - Join in


can see the end in sight!
I am sick of Weeing! And the loo is upstairs! Good excercise I guess LOL


can see the end in sight!
My legs feel like they're going to fall off after the first time back at the gym in well over a year! Can't have everything i know but doesn't stop you trying! Damn lactic acid..
I've got a stomach ache-think my totm might come early-again.
im sooo tired, my daughter wanted to get up at half 5 yawn xx
I wish my Nanna wouldn't give me chocolate for hubbie and DD! Argh!


Silver Member
Thought I'd bump this up as I want a moan!

Wasn't snooping, honest! Hubby left his motorbike forum up on screen with a thread about meets, He's said he's up for a weekend away in June, fine but it's our wedding aniversary! Can't believe he wants to go and I'll be stuck at home with little one again (he works alot). I feel like a bloomin recluse sometimes, rarely see friends as they're mostly at a different stage in life, still at Uni or working, unmarried, no kids. Aaaah!
Angela, make sure you have words with him and point out the error of his ways! I bet he's not even remembered it's your anniversary!

I'll also have a moan whilst on the subject.

Was at work last night, i work as police staff at the police station. And had a barny with one of the officers who came out n said that special constables aren't worth anything and are below him! (I'm currently doing the training as a special!).. Needless to say i was not happy and told him so. He thought i was joking when i told him how annoyed i was with him so he laughed at me! Eventually it clicked that i was not joking and so he begrudgingly apologised. Was not a happy bunny.

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