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Rant Rant Rant Rant Rant ... Grr!


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Once a month on a sunday i work at a hotel as a chambermaid but today was the day from hell!!!!

We had some England under 18s Rugby Team in and they left their rooms in an absolute **** tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How anyone can leave a hotel room like they did is beyond me!!

Ok, they are boys, under 18 and if thats how they leave their rooms at home i would hate to be their mum!! Jeeeezzzzz!

Pointless rant - but things like this really irratate me! Seriously, some hotel guests need to learn some manners and learn some respect!!!!!

Rant Over! :p
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yes very very very annoying! lol


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i work as a nanny and they are so untidy it drives me insane! they leave all their crap eveywhere for me and the housekeeper to clean up grrr
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Well my sons room is probably as bad!!! :cry::eek:

But hey ho......guess what? He is cleaning it for Mothers' Day!!! LOL! And that is an even nicer present than the 2 DVDs he gave me! :D

But that is bad enough when it is your own flesh and blood doing it but poor you with a bunch of strangers and leaving you to clear it up. But these things come full circle....these boys will meet girls who will soon put manners on them! :D:D
My department has just moved into a brand new office with all new kit and you should see the state some people leave the desks in. We have to desk hop as well and I seem to spend half my shift clearing up the crap from the person or persons before...there is no excuse for this...xx


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Exactly. It really doesnt take much to keep things tidy does it!
God help their mothers cleaning up after them , its a good kick up the backside they need and im not talking about the rugby field ha ha . But i bet you they dont get away with it in their houses . Chin up lol
lol oh the joys of youth


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lol youth - ill give em bloody youth next time i see em! ill ask em oi do you leave your room like that at home you smelly, little urchins!!!

haha as if im guna ever see them again! lol
I used to work as a chambermaid as a holiday job when I was at uni. The hotel was used by flight crew on stopovers and how they left rooms was unbelievable. Not just standard mess but sh*t and even blood all over the place. Could never understand how they did it and how they spent time in a room in that state???


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It truely is shocking isnt it the state that some people can leave rooms in!

Luckily i have only ever had to deal with s**t ... somebody did it in the bed!! Why was my only thought?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
sorry to hear you had such awful guests summergurl, you really do wonder how some people can have so little conscience.

i used to chambermaid in a very swanky country hotel and there were some pretty horrid guests, like one very well heeled old lady who'd come in for afternoon tea occasionally and leave the public toilet *covered* in sh*t. Dunno how she managed it, and without getting a spot on herself.

whenever i stay in a hotel i alwatys leave the chambermaid a tip, not huge, but i remember how lovely it was to find something! I once got £20 for ironing some rich old bird's skirt, lol.


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haha!!! i never, ever get tips!!!

Infact, the summer is the only time really we get tips - and the tips all come from foreign guests! Usually americans!

Just goes to show what our county is like hey ...! lol
yes, they were few and far between when i was doing it too, which is why i always leave a quid now!


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well come to my hotel anytime you like !!!! haha
haha :)
with my new job i'm in hotels every week (not in your neck of the wood yet though!)

one thing i had forgotten about was the yummy biscuit on the tea tray. they went straight in the desk drawer as soon as i walked into my room thursday night, lol.


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we only put biscuits in the executive rooms now! i used to LOVE eating them whilst working - they were GORGEOUS biscuits!!! lol

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