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rainbows holiday buddy :)
i just went to my first weigh-in and lost 7lbs which i'm really happy about, but my consultant wasn't there and we had someone else. when it came to me she asked me how i'd lost 7lbs and whether i'd been to SW before. i told her i'd been a member lots of times over the past 12 years but always lose around 2 stone then quit and pile the weight back on. she asked me what i'd be doing differently next time so i told her i was going to have hypnotherapy in the new year and she was really dismissive of it, which got my back right up!

she said she'd tried all these fads over the years blah blah blah, then told me i need to work out what's causing me to stop losing weight after 2 stone. i told her i had tried to work this out and couldn't as i know it's not one singular issue. i'm not going to quit SW when i have hypnotherapy - i want it to compliment and enhance my journey and to keep me motivated but i feel quite annoyed to have had such a negative response at wanting to do what i believe may just make it work this time! i know a few people who have had hypnotherapy and it has worked for them re: smoking and weight loss. i don't see what harm it's going to do!

just had to get it off my chest - rant over :)
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
Try not to get to offended as it is only one person's opinion you have free choice :)
i know, but i'm quite sensitive and it's taken me a long time to make a very hard decision. she's a trained consultant and did it front of the whole class and i just found it a bit inappropriate.
She was probably a bit like "arrrgh, thats not in the slimming world handbook and she's saying this out loud to all the other members, they are going to run away and all try it...."

Do what ever helps you hun, as long as you get to your goal it doesn't matter how you do it x
Well done on your 7lb loss, that's fab, and I don't think she should've dismissed such a positive choice you are making. Like you say you have tried to work things out and it sounds like now all you are doing is approaching it from a different angle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think the hypnotherapy could be really positive and I believe that we have to find what fits us. None of us are the same afterall - thank God!

Good luck, and I hope your usual consultant is nice and supportive. :)

she probably thinks of it as "cheating" when i joined my consultant said we were not to use slimming tablets while we were following s/w, perhaps ur consultant puts hypnotherapy into the same catergory. personally if i had the money to do it i would not hesitate i have bought 3 different hypnosis cd's but none of them done any good, u should do what u think is right for you good luck :)
The Paul McKenna I Can Make You Thin hypnotherapy system works mainly by enforcing that you should stop eating when your body tells you it is no longer hungry. This is compatible with the SW plan so I don't see why the consultant got her knickers in a knot.
Hi - and well done on your loss. I had hypnotherapy years ago for weight loss. At the time had a lot of emotional baggage. It really helped me sort out a few things. I broke a few connections I had with food and emotion, and still benefit. My weight gain only went wrong when I had kids - and I have thought of going back as I started eating while struggling to cope with my 2 disabled children, and food became my vice. I'd like to deal with that issue as well as go to group, so feel hypnotherapy can work well in tandem. Its a personal journey but if it works for you, I wouldn't worry about someone else's lack of understanding. Its not weird crap its common sense.

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