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I wish they wouldnt discontinue things - I remember years ago I was doing WW and they discontinued one of their flavour bars! I was devastated!!! I used to look forward to this particular one at about 3 every afternoon with a coffee - i even took a supply of them when i went on holiday!!
I dont think I ever got over it !! :8855:
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I agree though; considering that there's not a lot of choice of flavours on this diet, they shouldn't be phasing things out but introducing more things! I can't see why they don't have more flavours to be honest.
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:cry:nooooo, i love the raspberry ones why would they do this to me????!!!!:cry:


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
EXACTLY!! More flavours not less. I dont like the vanilla one much as its too sweet. Some people in my group dont like the soups at all (I prefer the soups -especially the Vegetable one) so they are going to have even less to choose between


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I'm not fond of any of them - I have the choc shake and the vanilla shake, but only in coffee. The other shakes are all too artificial. Same with the soups - generally only like the veg.

I guess they';re getting shot of raspberry asit's similar to strawberry. I never could tell much difference in the taste.


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Didn't know there was a respberry flavour!
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I didn't like the raspberry shake. For those who have a lot of them, it's a bit mean.
I have 14 veg soups a week so if they phased those out I'd be gutted!!!


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I have two packs at home, never tried them though... maybe i will give it a go tonight
I think H meant he has 2 raspberry packs.

I had one sitting in my cupboard for aages (about 3 weeks at least) and just could never bring myself to try it - every time I thought about it, I wanted to gag (and still do!)

Ended up taking it back and changing it in the end :p


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I was just doing my order for next week and noticed that raspberry shakes have disappeared off the options list. LLC didn't say anything!


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Hmm, was never a great fan of the raspberry but not good to see another flavour dissapear. I was gutted when the new and improved Vegetable soup came out, loved the old one, hate the new one and I was never a fan of tomato at the best of times so I am pretty much living off the mushroom soup. Like the idea of porridge though! Any ideas when we might see it??

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