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Rather stupid dog

S: 14st2lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(22.73%)
Just had the most stressful few hours because of my german shepherd. I put him out this morning and had a bit of a lie in then dealt with some emails. He's normally pretty happy to just sit outside on our decking and its been a nice day so I figured he'd be snoozing in the sunshine. Went to make some tea and was going to feed the cat and let the dog in when I couldn't find him.
I immediately started panicking I couldn't see him anywhere but I couldn't figure out how he could have escaped and tbh he's so old he doesn't like to go far anyway.
So I went down on to our floating pontoon. I live next to a river and we have a pontoon for mooring boats. I know he sometimes likes to go down there and fish sticks out of the river but it was low tide.
Anyway ran down there and found him sat in the mud. When the tide is low it exposes all this thick river mud that he'd obviously got stuck in. Its about a metre from the pontoon down to the mud and because he has arthritis he couldn't pull himself back up. Also he was slipping in the mud and he was covered in so much of it it was weighing him down.
I started freaking out and immediately jump down into the mud to try to get him out but he was so tired I couldn't just help him up. I tried to lift him but he's so heavy and when I lifted him he wouldn't move his legs to get onto the pontoon.
I freaked out a bit more and tried to find someone to help and tried calling a friend who lives up the road but got no answer.
I figured I give it another try and so went back down and managed to lift him out though god knows where I got the strength.
I then had to wash him and the mud was so caked on and he was cold so i figured I'd have to walk him through the house to the shower.
Ended up having to wash him three times and he's still got mud on him!
And I had to clean the house because it had made such a mess.
I do love my dog and the thought of him being stuck makes me feel awful. He's been mopey all day as he can't walk that well anyway and getting so cold and wet has made it worse.
But even so he doesn't half make me stress out!
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S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Only just read this, poor boy. I would've been in bits. I hate it when our animals do things like this, I've had quite a few dogs (we used to have german shepherds when I was growing up, gorgoeus dogs) and I've had horses for years, so I've seen a few incidents/injuries etc and it's never nice esp when we love them so much. Hope he's all ok now, big hugs for him :)
S: 14st2lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(22.73%)
yeah he was ok he sort of hobbled about for the rest of the day and was mopey making sad faces at me and then the same the day after but yesterday he was all happy agin and walking normally. I think the cold and the wet made his joints hurt. He's at least 10 now so he's got all those problems german shepherd have when they get old.
I just felt terrible I kept thinking awful thoughts about what would have happened if I hadn't found him when I did. He's been getting a few extra treats from me the last few days mainly as I feel so guilty.

So now he's all happy and fine I on the other hand feel like I've pulled every muscle in my body!
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Lol good workout tip then, getting a german shepherd out of the mud! Glad he's ok, bless him!