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Ratio of red and green days in a week

Well Done you hun
Hi Sarah :)

i did several weeks of red only and always sts or gained! so have done green & extra easy last week and although i missed WI cos of the snow i lost 2.5lb (by my scales!) this week i have done extra easy only and i have sts so far (Wi is Thurs) so going to go back to doing greens & just a few EE's for roast dinner & shepherds pie days;)

Amy xx
Think me will be going over to more green days then! More to snack on too!
I have done a mix really but I do prefer green as I find I am fuller and if I do feel the need to snack there is more choice for me personally.

I usually do red on Sunday's though so I can enjoy a breakfast with bacon for free!

I have no set pattern so can't state a ratio as such but I have had a loss each week so far and am hoping it continues!!


Just checked back on food diaries to look at the ratios.........

Week 1: 5 red 2 green lost 1lb
Week 2: 3 red 4 green lost 4lb
Week 3: 5 red 2 green lost 1lb
Week 4: 3 red 4 green lost 2lb
Week 5: 6 red 1 green lost 2lb

There doesn't seem to be any indication by the losses that one is better than the other for me personally.

Good luck for this week - hope you get the half stone award
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Reached Target. woohoo
I always did 4 red and 3 green, now i do 2 EE, 3 red and 2 green. xxx
I do 6 red and 1 green and I get good losses.
If its a star week then I sometimes change that to 5 red and 2 green. I never have a green day before weigh in though!


soon to be skinny minnie
I used to only do green and occasionally force myself to do a red (can't stand red days as i never feel full) however it is Extra easy all the way for me now. x

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