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asda smartprice tinned ravioli = 1.5 syns on green per can..
heinz ravioli = 2.5 syns per 410g can..
heinz cheese and tomato ravioli = 3.5 per 400g can

and so on..
what make is it?
I was going to post this very thing - I was in Sainsburys the other day with my SW 2011 Books...

In the Free Branded Foods one it states:- Vegetable Ravioli in tomato and herb sauce, canned - free on EE and green

So I bought 3 tins...

Then in the Low Syn Snacks book it says: Vegetarian Ravioli in tomato and herb sauce, canned - 2 syns on EE and green (16 on red)

Now the tin itself does refer to it being Vegetarian rather than vegetable, but even so this is slightly confusing. If I just went with the first book, I would have been thinking it was free? If there was a change in value, then the books should be correct and match with each other as they are both the brand new version for 2011.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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