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re: Drinks

I often have diet or zero coke a few times a week, I've thought about it.. hope it's ok!


What doesn't kill me.....
I have read somewhere on the internet not too long ago that diet sodas are no better for you than regular. I personally cannot stand the taste of diet soda, and because I was a sugar junkie all of 4 weeks ago (could easily drink more than 2 litres of soda a day.. especailly mt. dew!), its best if I stay away from any form of soda, least my will power give out.

On the other hand, When I was doing a low carb diet about 5 years ago, you were allowed to have diet soda as long as it was clear (as in.. diet sprite, ginerale, etc). You were not allowed to have diet colas under any circumstances.

I don't know what that is about, but now that I think about it, I wonder if it had to do with caffine? Most "clear" soda's have none. But Caffine can be good for weight loss, so I'm not sure.

And on another note, I found that one of the real reasons why I loved soda so much was I was constantly trying to put a "taste" in my mouth. My mouth tends to be a little on the dry side.. it does not help that I smoke either, so I used soda to wet it. I have found sugarless gum replaces that need.

Hope this random information helps in any way, shape, or form :)



in my dreams!!!!!!
hi cabbex, i couldn't find anything on sf site either so have cut all drinks out apart from black coffee and water. i think you could just take off the amount from your evening meal if you just add the total calories drunk.
I had dr pepper zero throughout my S.F journey and still regularly lost weight...
On weight watchers all diet drinks are 0points, full fat are 3points+(as much as a bag of crisps!)
So in my opinion whatever diet ur on, I figure diet drinks arent so bad! We need some treats in life lol

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