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Re-feeding from tomorrow, any advice?

Hi All,

I have decided to re-feed from tomorrow. I am not near goal but I have an occassion coming up in less than 2 weeks and I really want to go and be part of the party atmosphere. I have shunned so many events the past 3 months and this occassion is so special and important its worth re-feeding for. One of my goals is to fit into my size 10 wedding dress and I am already in a size 10 so I didn't do too badly on this!!! I will work towards a healthy BMI using maintenance and if needs be I will use 100% TFR to help me again. I am such a fan of this diet and I would recommend it to anyone committed to losing weight.
My question to you all is: has anyone succeeded in doing re-feed without a gain? I do NOT want to gain and I fully intend (and will) stick to the plan to the letter.
Another question: I think LT maintenance products are a bit on the pricey side so I want to just to healthy eating etc...does anybody know a guideline/calories amount that you shouldn't go over? I imagine 1200kcals would be the max but perhaps after such a drastic diet maybe to start at 1000kcals a day?
Any opinions, ideas or advice would be so greatly welcomed
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Wow - you've done really well! Congrats :D

I followed the refeed plan to the absolute letter! I stayed the same the first week and lost 1.2lbs the second week. I then lost 2lbs my 1st wk of maintenance.

You can use the ordinary shakes for refeed and don't forget you can get free samples from LT of the maintenance products.

Why don't you wander on over to the refeed forum and have a look at people's diaries?

Best of luck with it all ;) xx


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Congratulations on how far you have come, you have done really well.

Many people still lose on re-feed or at least STS. Maintenance products are expensive, but I got all my family and friends to go onto the site and send an email for the free samples. I ended up having about 4 weeks supply.

I would stick to about 1200 calories for a couple of weeks, and you can see how that is working for you, and then either up the calories or lower them as you see the results.
Hi Jan D and Kered,

Thanks so much for your feedback, I must admit I'm slightly apprehensive about re-feeding, its just so long since I've had anything, I'm confident enough that I will not have any significant gain, I didn't do this to put it all on again but I just want to avoid the pitfalls. I will pop over to the re-feed section now and have a look at their diaries. Both of you ladies have done excellently too, and your maintenance record is great! Thanks again for your help!
Hi Kered,

Thanks thats a brilliant guide, will follow re-feed t the letter ten try to incorporate lots of veg, fresh food, relying on low GI, low fat etc. Thanks for sharing the link


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WAW....well done on your loss!!! Mary and Jan have covered it all.

I stuck to the refeed to the letter too...first week I gained, and was gutted, but lost that gain and more besides on the second week! I can just depend on your glycogen levels, but it wont be fat,,,most people dont gain, but the odd few do, but not significantly if sticking to the refeed sheet.

Good luck and welcome!!!!
Thanks Scotsmist...yes I would be gutted too...I know its just water but you know when u see it. I am sticking to it to the letter and have my long term plan decided too...I have 5 different breakfasts to chose from and I have some food rules for myself too...but with me its all about the breakfast, if I start my day well it will finish well. I have started my refeed diary too and I must say its a brilliant idea to write everything down that passes your lips!
You have done excellently too!! you are so close to your goal...I've 19lbs to go but want to lose it steadily while changing eating habits/behaviours!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Best laid plans.........good luck with them and yes, it is good to write it all down..I dont always confess hahhaha..but I do tell them in the forum I have been "naughty" :) Others are brilliant and writing EVERYTHING down that passes their lips !!!!

Hope it is going well for you! The maintaining is the hard part, but it is all about trial and error and not getting annoyed when you slip up, which will happen now and again!

Take care

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