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re re re re re start (COME ON!!!!) extra easy

Hi all,

well hmm re start for the millionth time.

Long story short, been here before, tried so many others but yet again i am back.

somewhere between 2-3 stone to loose.

Graduate from uni in july so would like to be at least in a size 12 dress for it.

Had a very recent personal tragedy and lost someone very close to me, so I have good and bad days. I'm partly doing this for him as he always told me that I could do it, and the only person stopping me is, well me! :cry:

so here goes again:

this week im using an old magazine's 7 day plan as it all looks yummy. will have to deviate a little though.

B: 2 slices WM bread (HEB) baked beans
L: pasta with broccoli, peas, lettuce, red pesto (2.5 syns)
D: chicken jalfrezi made from paste (syns?), tinned tomato, veggies and rice.

Drinks: 1 pint water, large tea
Milk kept in fridge jug and used for tea during day.
Snacks: apple, activia FF, pear

Exercise: off to see about joining local running group, but due to get a verucca frozen on my toe, so depends if it blisters or not, if not itll be the wii tonight!

hope everyone is well

S xx :newbie::newbie:
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Thanks Moti!

well there were alot of cakes in the house last night, and i felt it was an injustice not to say goodbye. so i had a few flapjacks..

However i did go out for a 3.3mile walk with my OH on a whim last night which was nice.

I'm prob not going to be doing 100% this week, but at the very least ill have good meals.

B: 2xweetabix (HEB) milk from HEA
L: left over pasta with pesto and veggies - 2.5syns
D: gammon steaks and SW chips with frozen veggies

Coffee with milk from HEA
Morning people,

well my IBS is playing up again, been drinking peppermint tea, but i just feel so bloated and yuck. it will pass but I wonder if im not drinking enough. Plus my body isnt used to having to process real food so I guess it will take some time!

yesterday the only bad thing i had was i slice of my mums homemeade banana/choc loaf. had no other syns for the day so i can only hope its less than the allowance.

today's plan:
B: fruit and FF activia yogh (got up late)
L: homemeade soup with free vegetables and red lentils
D: sausage casserole, cooking real sausages for my man and quorn ones for me

Snacks: sugar free jelly, fruit, carrot sticks
Drinks: water, diluting juice, coffee/tea with milk from HEA

need to find a use for my HEB today hmm


Hippety Hop!
Hi Sazzler, Soo... starting again. hey? Or is that really the case?
Read thro' all your posts since you first joined and I must say it's all so half- hearted that I don't think you have made up your mind at all!!
How much do you want to lose weight and what is it that you are fighting against?
Methinks that these "all or nothing" attempts are self defeating and it's not worth any effort unless you get to grips with the problems you face.

Take care and hope things turn out better for you this time anyway....:)

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