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Re-Start Buddy Wanted!

I restarted CD two weeks ago tomorrow. In all honesty, I'm not doing that great. I can't get my water intake above 2.5 litres and there's no way on earth I can manage SS. I'm doing the 810 plan but I'm not losing anywhere near what I should as I'm having a meal a day over the weekends, with the family.

I'm ok during the week and stick to things religiously, but my husband works away so when he comes home on weekends I find it really hard to stay as strict and tend to have a taste of all the things I really shouldn't (a nibble of chocolate, a bite of cheese, and today I even had Roast Chicken with vegetables, a roast potato and some stuffing, followed by a small portion of apple crumble and custard :eek: ).

It doesn't help that this time around I've moved house and had to change my CDC. My new counsellor could literally only see me for 5 mins to give me a week's worth of supplies before she went on holiday so I won't get chance to see her again until the end of next week.

Up until this morning I had managed to lose 7lbs over the last 2 weeks, but after today's roast I'm convinced I'll have put a couple of pounds of that back on *sigh*.

So if anyone out there would like to be my buddy and have some support from me in return, I'd be eternally grateful! I just need to be able to check in a few times a week and have a chat about my progress.
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Hi Sofa....... I'd be happy to be your buddy. Started last week but tough few days and ended up eating BUT am now back on the wagon and intend to stay there!!


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Hey Sofa :)

You've probably seen all my threads,lol! I'd love to be your buddy aswell! I'm trying to get to 11/7 (12.5lbs to lose) for the 11th July and i'm doing S/S. I'm restarting tomorrow for the 100th time,lol! I was 12/5 on Friday so we'll see what i am next Friday.

When is your weigh day or are you weighing at home like me?

If you've read any of my threads you might know i'm getting weighed at WW on Tuesdays but it's what i weigh on Fridays that matters untill i go down to London on the 11th July.

Good luck to you :)

Good luck azlan :)

Hi I am on my millionth restart, I was doing well on S/S until yester day evening where I went to a friends and ate at the buffett. I also had a HUGE pig out today so I am planning to restart S/S tomorrow and try to do 1 whole week before moving up the programmes (Why oh why can't I do 1 week anymore?).

I am 5'9" on 4 packs a day and hopefully tomorrow will weigh 11'10 or less I would like to get down to 10 stone, if my body finds this possible. It is just my mind that can't seem to stick with the programme.

Anyway mutual support is deffo needed.:cry:
My next weigh in is Monday 30th June, so I'll have done three weeks by then. She weighed me about 10 days ago and her scales were weighing about 4lbs heavier than mine (I weighed in at home at 15st and half a lb, and she weighed me as 15 st 4.5lb).

My start weight, at home, was 15lb 5lbs which was two weeks ago tomorrow. My first week wasn't great, but this week has been much better. As of yesterday morning I was showing a total loss of 7lbs but after today's antics I shall be interested to see what the scales say tomorrow.

I'm busy glugging water tonight, so no doubt I'll be up at 3.00am for the loo!

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