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Re-Start Day 1


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Well my sweets I am back on LT. So here is what happened.

I reached my goal in view of getting refered back to the fertility unit. I have an appointment on 13th October.

As I dont get regular periods, the whole of the 5 weeks when I was on LT I was fine. Suddenly I got a period and it hit me pretty bad and I felt like poo poo and needed to take another break from LT. I am sure I must have put weight on but I have over 2 weeks to get back to where I was.

Usually the evenings are worse for me but I am going to keep myself busy. I need to do this.

Everyone I know is excited about my new look and the weight loss. I dont think there has been anyone who has not commented on it.

Glad to see everyone is doing well. I am curious as to what happened to some people as I have not seen any posts from them.

Take care everyone :)
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Welcome back sweetie pie! Exciting, only 2 weeks to go!

You never know, you may not have put on anything if you've been a good girl. If you're getting compliments left, right and center I expect you haven't.

Good luck for this evening. Try and keep your mind occupied, keep busy, even if it's just snuggling up and watching telly.

Keep posting please. Missed you being around!


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I have had alot of work realted things going on so been busy earning money to pay for my shakes hehehehe I am self employed so my hours are weird (when I like basically).

Every week I want to do something new, last month it was a beauty course and today I want to be a foot doctor :D:D:D:D

I had such a laugh today, my husband was sitting down watching tv and I jumped on the sofa next to him and said "I'm gonna be a doctor" hahahahah. He looked, raised his eyebrow as if to even indulge in the idea then he rolled his eyes and ignored me hahahaha

I even looked at courses but will wait a week to see if I change my mind.

I am weird :D
wondered where ya got to.
i missed having nobody to stalk lol x

glad your back hun and ok.i'm sure all will be fine x


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omg omg it's my stalkerrrrr wooohoooooo
hiya hunnieee good to be back
bored but doing well


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hey tuffy what's with the sausages babes? :D

Is that are new thing now? we losing sausages? hehehe
yep!lol x
summergirl told us that there's 8 sausages in 1 lb.
i decided i'd add mine up and its that much!
seems like loads more to me in sausages rather than lbs.can't imagine carrying that much sausages around with me 24/7.


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LOL!!! loving how the sausages analogy (sp?) is catching on! :)
Hahaha not weird at all, exciting! You go girl, you sound just like me when I was younger. Variety is the spice of life. You have to keep the men on their toes.

Did you do the beauty course? Eew at the feet thing, I hate feet. Like my own but hate other peoples.
Hey babe,

so glad to see you back- missed you!

It's GREAT news that you've got a date for the fertility unit. Bet you're really excited!



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Did you do the beauty course? Eew at the feet thing, I hate feet. Like my own but hate other peoples.
What Beauty course? hahahahha

That was then hun, try to keep up :D:D:D:D


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It's GREAT news that you've got a date for the fertility unit. Bet you're really excited!
Hiya babes,

Yes very excited about what they are going to throw at me this time. Before it was the smoking then my husbands sperm then my weight. Got rid off it all and husband is way above average with sperm counts (was glad but he got a massssssivveeeee HEAD)

I am thinking that they are either going to get me back on pills or save me the trouble and go for IVF. Usually just when you get refered for IVF you get pregnant hahahahaha.

Good to see you sweety
congrats hun on getting an appointment i know from your posts how much you want a baby. Welcome back to lt im sure you wil do great like the last time.
hey jesi, thats great uve got an appointment, i know how hard it can be and waiting lists seem to be so long. do u have any children? hopefully they will sort u out. im desperate for another baby(first with my hubby), would love 2. in the last 2 yrs ive been pregnant 5 times but dont get any further than 12wks. had all the tests and everything is normal but surely it cant be to lose 5 babies.
my fingers are crossed for you that everything gets sorted and you get ur precious angel.

x x


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Thanks Jenny, sorry to hear you have been having problems. I dont have any children and never been pregnant. I have pcos so that is a big factor in my fertility issues. First step was to lose weight so I have and I will see how it goes from there.

I hope everything works out for you too.

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