Re-started LT


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Hi All

Some of you may remember me. I lost 3.5 stones last year with lipotrim and kept it off (or most of it) until October last year.

I went on holiday and came back 4lbs heavier, which I did in June, but lost it again, but then in November I stopped smoking. I have not smoked for 10 weeks tomorrow, but I gained 1st 3lbs, so I decided to go back on lipotrim for a few weeks just to lose the smoking excess.

On day 3 now and its going really well, better than I thought as I have read that people find it harder the second time around.

Good luck to everyone else.

If you are just starting lipotrim, just bear with it for those first few days, they really are the worst, but once you are in ketosis, its plain sailing and definitely the best diet I have ever done.
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Hello Mary :)
Just wanted to say hi and know you can do it.
Thinking of you.


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Hi Mary. very well done for packing in the smoking, you will soon loose that weight again (have a good week)


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Thanks both.

Iris, how much do you want to lose?
Nice to see a familiar face on here, I havent used the lipotrim board in ages.


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Hi Kered, i remember you too. good luck on your journey and congrats on cracking the smoking too !!! xx


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Hi Kered i remember you you look fab Iv restarted this week as u say a bit anxious as afew people have mentioned its really hard 2nd time round but things going ok and im sure all the support will be forth coming xx Sharron

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Hey hey Mary! I'm sure you can do this - it'll only be difficult if you let it!! :)


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Omg Kered I remember you, I'm also starting again on Monday, great to see you again you were a massive help and inspiration to me the first time around, you did incredible and I have no doubt you'll smash it again this time!


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Hi Kered,

Glad all is going well. You know the drill but you know we are all here for you too!!


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Hey Mary!!

Glad your finding it pretty plain sailing so far!!

You will lose that pesky stone in no time!!!

Best of luck mrs!! xxx

irish molly

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Mary, welcome to this side of the forum. I have often read your posts on the maintenance side. You full of inspiration and good sense. Well done on doing so well on LT in the past, doubly well done on conquering smoking. I am sure you will manage very well on tfr this time round. Lots of luck for your weigh in.


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
Thanks both.

Iris, how much do you want to lose?
Nice to see a familiar face on here, I havent used the lipotrim board in ages.

Not sure the pharmacist tomorrow and need to discuss. Not finding it easy this week!!!!! Not caved in, thankfully!

It will be strange after the maintenance board (so much smaller) :)

Take care and still staggered it is 10 weeks now! Cant believe it is that long since you stopped smoking...feels like a few weeks!


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Thank you everybody, your good wishes mean a lot and thanks for the compliments.

We can do this, good luck everyone.


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you done really well before and will again. Good luck


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Hey Mary

Big congrats to you for giving up smoking- thats brilliant (am a smoker myself), with your weight loss and new smoke free way of life- your a true inspiration, wish I had your strength to give up! Its understandable you have gained a little, since without the cigs we turn to other sources to replace the nicotine we would usually have, not to mention what smoking does to your metabolism (but I wont be going into all that science).

You'll have that weight off in no time, your a superstar at this programme :)

All the best for your first weigh in :)


It really does work! :)
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Good luck Mary - I know you can do it! ;)

Best wishes,

Mark x


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Thank you everyone. Lipotrim is definitely the quickest and easiest way to lose weight, but I am determined this will be my second and last time on it.

The maintenance is a little tricky, but once you get used to it, and used to what your body can take without gaining, its plain sailing.

Good luck everyone.