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Hi, Good luck with your re-start. I'm on mine too. I'm on day 8, but not getting weighed until Friday. Struggling a bit today, but drinking more water to help. The worst thing for me was stopping in the first place, once I get into it, its good, but I'm trying so hard not to break this time.


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All the best with your restart, hope ya do well, I restarting lipotrim on wednesday as well. Gud luck


This time
i'm a restarter on day 2 although this is my 4th restart (long story ) and never got past 2 weeks before :(

Boy do I need help. :cry:

Water for me is the hardest.

good luck


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Another restarter (will commence tomorrow as today I already had 2 coffee's with milk), hoping to loose 2 1/2 or 3 st. First time around (when I lost 4st) I didn't find drinking 4 litres of water daily a problem. This time around though... I don't know why, but I am struggling to down 2 L, let alone 4! Anyone else having this problem? Maybe it is because it is cold (although first time around it was also winter time and that didn't matter)?
I am SO hopeful that I will manage to stick with it and finally get into my 12's, rather than 16/18 that I am wearing now. Umphhhh
I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes I bought last time I lost weight, and of course, cannot get into any of them...
At the moment I am resisting the need to go and buy any clothes as I swore to myself that I will manage to slim down and feel good about myself once again.
I remember how loosing 4 stones made me feel, and I tell you, it is THE BEST feeling ever! I walked around the beach in my bikini (NEVER did I do that before, I always wrapped myself into towel or similar), did not dread trying clothes on in a store. For the first time in my life I was buying clothes that I LIKED, rather just those that I could get into. I got myself tailored items, rather than baggy, and it made all the difference. I felt confident, happy and sexy. I enjoyed shopping (a first for me). I pampered myself with massages, not worrying what the masseuse might think of my flabby bits. The list goes on...
I want that feeling back!!!!!