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Re-Starting - And!!

Day 3 so far so good!!!!

Ony one hic up - or maybe not!!!!

I am so so bored with this diet now that i have startd to chew chewing gum in between - This is working for me as i'm on day 3 and focused - I'm not more hungry or anything - i'm told that i can chew gum until the taste disappears - Sugar free of course - is this true?????

I want this weight off asap so i can have a normal life again...

As u can probably tell i'm not in Ketosis and am going through all the emotions u go through - i'm sure most of u know what i;m talking about - I'm looking at people eating and thinking y the hell have i gotta go this this hell to lose weight .....its so annoying!!!!

Anyway i've lost 2 and half stone - jus 2 more to go err!!!!!

Sorry to ramble - Jus need to know about the gum really

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You're doing great, you're over half way there hun :)

I think suger free gum is ok, but it can make hunger pangs worse:(

Bm2lm xx


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Technically the powers that be in Cambridge land say nay........because of the acids etc it can produce in your stomach....can lead to ulcers and stuff, and also the cravings and stuff as well.

Buuuuuuut, if its going to stop you from munching.....I'd have it.

I do it too...bad me.


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i use gum as well.

i used to have a x strong pack on mints in the car, and would go through a pack in a 90min journey (to and from the hospital via m25), so really need to find something to take the place of the mints, i think gum might be the options for me? (sorry for hijack)
i chew gum all day!

Yeh, I'm on day 3 SS......So far so good!! I chew sugar all day in between shakes. I have to, just to chew, and keep bad breathe:) at bay


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S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
i was advised not to chew gum because the chewing action can turn your stomach acids into thinking food is coming so you may get a bit of indgestion
i think if it works for you then go for it
i have been having those strips that you put on ya tongue for bad breathe

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