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Re-think for calorie eating levels


Gone fishing
Ah, that's nuts. For a start I don't think many 'experts' would agree with 2,000 for a lady these days.

Those figures were thought up long ago when our lifestyles were much more active with lack of cars and modern conveniences.

I really thought the article was going to be an official lowering of the recommended daily cals, not raising them :eek:

Besides, raising for exercise is so iffy anyway. It's often so misunderstood, not just the fact that they are suggesting raising it if you exercise, but the whole 'exercise for weight loss' which frequently doesn't work for various reasons and totally misses the point of why we really should include activity in our day. Blah blah...stupid article :(

Thanks for posting it though!


taking control (again)
Having just seen this on the Yahoo home page it brought me back to Minis to see what is being said. I find this news absolutely crazy. It's obvious that they need to completely rethink the whole thing, but adding to the calorie intake is just ridiculous.

There are obviously a number of people that get paid stupid amounts of money to research these things and if none of them have the common sense to realise that it can't be done purely by age and gender, then they all need sacking!!


Gotta Make A Change
Just heard it on BBC news I was like what how as if 2000+ calories ain't good enough
its stupid pleaseeeeeeeeee dont anyone listen to it x
In the end if you consume more calories than you burn, you'll put on weight.

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