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S: 16st9lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st8.5lb(21.67%)
I am currently on WW but want to be back to "healthy weight" as soon as possible. I have stuck to WW for 9 weeks and the past 3 weeks only lost 1.5lbs in total. My motivation is low as I still cant see any difference in myself yet, and I feel like I wanna give up WW I suppose.

Would you guys think it was a bad idea if I SS'd until my birthday (May 25th) to give myself a big boost to help me feel better. I know faster weight loss isnt just the answer but I feel a lower weight is what I need to keep me motivated right now....Shhh dont tell my WW buddies lmao :p xxx
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S: 16st9lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st8.5lb(21.67%)
Another thing I forgot to add. VLCD's have made me very miserable in the past and half of me is telling myself I cant do it. I dont want to start to yo yo and gain my current loss back xx


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if you feel that is right for you then yes, do it - i am not a councellor but someone who wants to also start sole sourcing again after putting on a little bit of weight, and i feel that telling myself i cannot have anything is easier to do than ww or sw as once u have had some food u want more - if that makes sense!

so yes, do it - maybe you wont need to do it until your birthday, how much do you need to lose again?

you have said in the past that VLCD have made you miserable, is this because of how you feel when u may eat something? because i felt like that when i cheated - made me miserable!

but if YOU really want to lose the weight, you need to believe you can do it - we can do it together if you like....easier when u are sharing your thoughts with someone!!

Lauren x x


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S: 16st9lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st8.5lb(21.67%)
Thanks for the post Lauren. I need to lose around 2 stone maybe 2 and a half. Im not in a mega rush but 1.5lbs is just disheartening. Yes your right about when I am miserable. I never really stopped to think about it until you said that. When I do go off track a little, I lose control and think whats the point. And give up straight away. i never tell myself to just stop and forget about it. I need to know what everybody else does to help cravings he he! Ive only stuck at it for 2 weeks at a time so maybe if I stuck at it longer the cravings would go away. I booked appointment with CD on Wednesday anyway so Ive got time to see how I go :) xxx


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Hi there

Dont know if I have replied to another of your posts somewhere but sounds familar!

I am so like you!

I need to loose 2 1/2 stone and rejoined WW on 1st March, 1st week lost 3.5 lbs, 2nd week only lost 1/2lb despite sticking to it 100%
so last week I managed about 4 good days of CD & lost another 3 1/2 lbs but since thursday I had just been eating & eating and have now regained 7 lbs!

Today yet again I am trying CD. I really dont know what to do for the best as I do find CD very hard this time round but also find WW so slow & I end up eating out of control.

I really want to be back down to my 10stone asap but I just keep loosing & regaining the same 1/2 stone making me about 12 1/2 stone.
you see, once you do a vlcd you cant leave it alone. but you cant keep going back to it forever. so what is the answer? someone tell me please cos i am gagging to back on a vlcd, impatient about the loss on normal diets but knowing it isnt good for me to keep doing it!


Have a serene day!!
Perhaps you could try 790, you still have the three shakes but you do have a meal to look forward to in the evening.

Tiara Maker and her Hubby are doing very well on it and I did very well on it 23.5lbs in 6 weeks, so you do not need to go all out SSing.

Just a thought - Good Luck with whatever you decide.

I agree - 790 is a great alternative to SS and since it includes real food it is way more pleasant to follow!

No diet can match the speed of loss on VLCDs so you have to 'weigh up' (!!) the good and bad points of fast loss versus slower loss/'sensible, healthy' eating.

If you get too impatient, or your loss has slowed alarmingly, perhaps VLCD is the answer, for now at least.

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