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  1. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Full Member

    After reading all the posts on the thread "MY CDC IS FATTER THAN ME" something I picked up while reading between the lines (and some said outright) also reading between the lines on other threads, something that has come up that really, really worries me.

    Firstly, I don't want to offend any restarters out there, really I don't. In fact you are probably the people who are going to be able to give the most insight into this for me.

    Sidestep..... Just one thing about the CDC and weight thing.... I thought all CDC's had done CD, lost weight and maintained. That's obviously not the case, my own CDC is on the diet and weighs a little less than me, but is very encouraging and it's nice to know she has and is experiencing what I am.

    The thing that worries me...... I see here and there things like "oh I lost X amount of weight before and maintained, but now I am back after putting on 2/3/4 stone again" (not a direct quote obviously).

    I understand putting on a few pounds after coming off, as you reintroduce food to your diet, but 2/3/4 and more stone just seems a little excessive.

    And please please please don't take offence any restarters I beg you, before anyone (restarters or otherwise) replies "but things come up in life, no control, etc" I understand that completely, I really really do. No matter what diet you do, life can knock you off track, but surely not to the excess of putting all the weight (and sometimes more) back on. After all the hard work and struggles it's disappointing to read these remarks.

    I am glad that these people have had the courage to come back on do CD again. But it makes me worry about when it comes to the end of my CD journey. I don't want to work my a$$ off, lose the weight, maintain and put it all back on. And I am sure no one else does either.

    Has anyone else noticed these comments on the forum or what are your opinions on the regaining of the weight???

    And again, I know life throws things at you, etc. but 2/3 stone??????

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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Umm. Well.....

    You know, people on whatever diet have a tendancy to put the weight back on. Doesn't matter whether it's VLCD, WW, SW whatever.

    I know...I've been to all the SW reunions:rolleyes:

    There is a chance that people doing VLCD's put more on than the average, but I have a theory about this.

    They also lose more than average.

    Look. I think that people who do VLCD's tend to be those that have real weight issues. The 'head' stuff issues. That's why they chose a VLCD. Not because they want to lose a few pounds to get into that bikini. Those few pounds they gained over Christmas. VLCDers tend to be people who have had a lifetime of weight problems and put on much more than the average person.

    Facing a few years of eating a little less and losing 1-2lbs a week seems a very long journey, so they opt for a quick loss.

    I know in my case that losing the weight is only a small part of the journey. For many doing more traditional diets...that's pretty much it until next year when they'll have to lose that half a stone they put on during the year. Little head stuff to work out. Just cut down just after Christmas and they are away again.

    People who chose VLCD's have more problems than this. It's nearly all about the head stuff, and if you just sort out the weight the head stuff remains undealt with.

    Without that.....3-4 stone put back on is easy peasy. You can do it in a flash. What?....3-4 months of being unfocused?

    There's more to it than that, but I have a student just arrive....will leave it at that :D
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  4. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Ok, this is my opinion.

    Yes, it would be easy to put on a couple of stone after losing weight, if you lose sight of how far you have come. Remember, that people who put weight back on proabably feel soooo great for having lost so much weight and get maybe a little complacent in their attitude towards food. There are some people who will use VLCDS as a quick fix and then go back to their old eating habits.

    There was a great quote here before 'if you do what you always did, you will get what you have always got', or something to that effect.

    I am trying to restart CD after a Christmas break that has lasted longer than I intended. I dont feel the same urgency that I felt 3 stone ago and in my head I am not as bad as I was, I get compliments left right and centre from people and even though I KNOW I need to lose more weight, I feel fantastic.

    So in my opinion, it would be easy to let a few pounds here and there creep back on, and it would seem sudden that clothes dont fit anymore, even though its not something that happened over night.

    Remember as well, that a lot of people are emotional eaters and when life throws things at us, food is the only thing some of us are in control.

    I think the key to this thing is to stick to the plan 100%, take no breaks, no shortcuts, NOTHING. Follow the maintenance steps regardless of how fab you feel at the time and make sure that you achieve your goal weight. Plan wat diet you will follow when you have attained the weight you want to be and stick to it. Monitor your weight closely and take action when you notice a few pounds exta creeping on, instead of saying, 'oh, its only 4lbs'

    For every person who puts the weight back on, you can be guaranteed that there is someone who has maintaind their loss. Reading the maintenance diaries on this forum proves that the weight can be kept off, but the hard work does not stop when you reach your goal, it really is only the beginning. Our habits need to change for the rest of our lives to be successful at our weight loss, and I think personally, I will need to accept that I wil be watching what i eat forever.
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  5. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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  6. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    Can only really echo what everyone else has said and........there is no magic diet that if you do it, the weight is guaranteed to stay off!
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  7. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    Hi Sarah

    I can totally understand your concerns, of course you don't want to be putting in this work only to have to do it again.

    As Kazz has already said, yes some have put back on but there are plenty who haven't, of which I'm one. The thing to remember is that a lot of people who get to goal and stay there don't always stay on the forum, so you don't get to hear from so many of them, as opposed to re-starters who come back knowing the support is here for them. But I'm not alone I can assure you, there are plenty of maintainers on the site that can help give you the re-assurance you need.

    For me personally I found the achievement of actually getting to my goal (first time ever on a diet) was such a boost that it really helped me stay there, it's been such a massive incentive. Also, because I'm so bloody minded (LOL) I'm determined not to satisfy that small group of people I know who are waiting for me to "put it all back on again" - I am NOT going to give them the satisfaction!

    Of course I don't know what the future holds and I can only hope that I manage to stay at my goal weight, I'll be doin my best that's for sure. I discovered over Christmas that some of the bad habits I previously had and thought I'd lost are still lurking, and the urge to pig-out hasn't totally gone, but I am much more in control over my food then I ever was before. I don't have all the answers, far from it, and I'm certainly not perfect at all, but I have been able to maintain following a healthy eating plan, and if I can do it so can you.

    If you want to know anymore please feel free to ask or pm me - always happy to help :)
  8. Karen

    Karen Serial Foodie!

    theres nothing scientifically that makes the weight go back on, only the mental attitude of the person who has lost the weight to begin with.

    if u will do maintenance properly and not let yourself get out of control again then there is no godly reason why the weight should go back on. whilst on the diet learn ur eating issues (if u have any) and deal with them so that they dont creep back once u reach goal.

  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Hi beentheredonethat,

    I think I am one of those who would need a brain transplant as I do find it very hard to get into my head that if I eat the same way as I did before losing weight that I will get the same results.

    Sounds simple, but then I know also I am addicted to high carbs and like any addict, it is my drug of choice. I can convince myself black is white if my craving for chocolate is strong enough as it will over ride all rationality.

    Unlike most addicts who can give up their drug of choice and never ever have to touch it, smell it or be near it and so abstaining becomes a way of life.

    I stopped smoking nine years ago and I Know if I was to smoke just one cigarette I would be back on them again...I know this because I give up hundreds of times before I got the message that I can not smoke full stop.

    Now food is a different matter as we have to eat in order to live and this is where the problem lies.

    Okay, so I was living in order to eat and now I have to eat in order to live...but it was the other way around and therefore I got fat... very fat.

    Will I be cured....No!

    There is no cure for obesity:(

    It can only be held in remission.

    I can do this by Palate Retraining...

    Binge Control - Damage Limitations...

    And Maintenance for Life in order to stay slim.

    Will I be good and apply the above to me...well one day I hope too, for now I am stumbling my way to there.

    I do know for sure I do not want to be morbidly obese again and I also do not want to be obese again says she who is still obese after leaving the obese behind me twice before:eek: :( :cry:

    So here I go again on my way out of obese into overweight and saying this is it this time:D

    Karion Posted a very good link to an article over on another site that makes very interesting reading.

    Kind of depressing, but important.
    Okay...this is long, and I've already got another long article somewhere saying the same sort of stuff, but it's really worth the read if you're up to it
    Some Answers About Genes, Environment, Obesity and Maintenance - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community Living Maintenance

    Another interesting fact is that ten million in the UK start a diet in January and by the end of January there is only one million still on their diet.

    Which I had the answer your looking for, but then you have got to ask yourself what is it your looking for.

    Love Mini xxx
  10. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Ooof, a toughy this one, and I think I can only echo what has been said, if I ate the amount and type of stuff I did before then I would start to put weight on, easily.

    I ate that type of food every day, not binging, I was never a binger, but, I had breakfast, 2 slices toast, real butter, every day, mid morning snack, not fruit, pasty, sandwich, mid afternoon snack, and then dinner. Not a salad but a massive cooked dinner.

    Would I eat that now??? NO!!!! Because, I have a sedentry job, I would pile it back on.

    I love being this size, I eat healthily during the week, and live a little at weekend, I eat to live not live to eat.

    What I am trying to say is the slippery slope is still there, its not going to go away just yet for me, however, Im digging my heels in and getting on an even bit. If I ate what I ate before, I would be overweight very soon.

    Like Madamdotty, I dont have the answers, but all I can say is that Ill have a damn good go at staying where I am now, but hitting the goal in the first place has helped, this is one of my main theories, get to where you want to be at first, dont let go till you have that prize, then the you know where you want to be for ever x
  11. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    I understand exactley what everyone is saying here. I think that if you do the maintenance programme that should stop you piling it back on. My cdc's hubby lost 11stone in 5 months, and a year later has not put it on. Now that is inspiring to me, if not anyone else.

    I used to be a size 10, but different problems in my life made that to a size 22, within 5 months! I think if you keep an eye on your weight once you are at goal, and if you do gain a couple o pounds, you can then think "gotta get that back off" you are onto a winner. We all have celebrations and holidays which will make this happen, but htis diet re-educates your brain on how to deal with food. I have found my issues and how to overcome them. So, I will never be fat again (I hope) xxx
  12. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I think it helps, but I've found that there's much more to it than that. I did all the plans, I've cut back and even though I ate a fair amount of healthy food, I had way too many inbetween bits (and binged). Losing the weight means that I must eat a lot less as my BMI is much lower, perhaps fact probably, I have the problems that my 'kinda depressing' thread indicated.

    I stay at goal because I'm scared. Anything can throw me off and it's tiring constantly staying focused. I remember getting to the end of my first year at goal and going into a blinding panic as I really realised that this was for life.

    It's so easy to lose focus when there isn't an aim any more...well not something tangible...just keeping like that forever.

    It seemed so easy to aim for a loss by the next weigh in, or even to get into that outfit. Now there is no new outfit to try to squeeze into. Nobody to say 'have you lost weight!:eek:', just myself. Even now after 18 months, I know that I've proved my point that I can maintain, so even if I put on at this point, nobody is going to point the finger.

    But...for me, there is no choice. I prefer being this way. It's easier. It's more comfortable. I do long for those carefree days of eating without thought, but the price is too high.
  13. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    I feel that if you put weight on then there is an underlining reason and the key is to find out why you eat too much.

    I went down to 8 stone on WW then within six years I put it all back on. I was 16 stone when I started CD. Double my weight!

    So what made the difference why did I put it on?

    I had many problems in my life and turned to food to comfort me! I realised what the problem was - I went to court to face the horrors and prosecuted my step dad.

    The experience has made me stronger as I am determined to keep it off. I guess this is the same for others who have lost weight and put it back on - I think the first step is finding out why you overeat in the first place and addressing that problem.
  14. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Well, yes. Sometimes it's not that easy though.

    I eat because I enjoy eating. I enjoy eating more than I enjoy food. I like putting it in mouth. I like the different flavours. I like the feeling of being satisfied...even just more than satisfied. I like being able to help myself to what I want.

    If you work out your problem, you need to replace it with something. I can't find anything to replace that feeling. I wonder whether this is why I find maintenance more difficult than most people:confused:
  15. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I didn't lose my weight with a VLCD but think the same issues can arise after getting to target if people haven't gone through the maintenance programme and learned good eating habits.

    Reading the statistics that (I think) some 95% of dieters put the weight back on actually MOTIVATES me to be in the OTHER 5%!

    Tomorrow I am stopping smoking. Again, so many fail. So many raise an eyebrow when I tell them that I'm going from 25 to 30 (on a bad day) to cold turkey tomorrow. Their scepticism and cynicism again is MOTIVATING me to prove them wrong.

    While I agree with those who (very diplomatically) queried the fact that their CD Counsellor weighed more than them, and I agree that that seems strange to me (but none of my business of course!), again - use this information to SPUR YOU ON. You're going to be in the 5% who DO SUCCEED. WHO DO KEEP IT OFF...

  16. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I swapped chocolate and sweets for to help me give up smoking...did not have a weight problem before that.

    I did use CD after my son was weened to lose a couple of stone but after that I kept it off for years.

    I discovered I like the feeling I get from high carb food, it sends me of into La, La land:) So it was an easy step for me to become and emotional eater, from sucking on the ciggies to chewing on the sweets...:rolleyes:

    Sweet manufacturers spend millions for that hit I get on the back of my tongue eating choclates...surveys show most women would prefer chocolate to sex (or both);)

    When it comes to food all sorts of things are added to make us eat more...

    "...depression, overeating, drinking, mood, and evening compulsive behaviors Euro Proteins." "Certain foods appear to stimulate the release of opiate chemicals within the brain. These are chemical cousins of morphine and heroin. The are not as strong as illegal drugs, but appear to be strong enough to keep us coming back, especially when we are stressed, tire, angry, or alone. Not every food does this. The groups that do are sugar (and sugar-fat mixtures, such as butter cookies, as well as foods that produce sugar rapidly), chocolate, cheese, and meat (Dr. Neal Barnard), August 11."


    The food industry denies links between foods, nutrition and health; bad science meets aggressive marketing

    Below link shows what is also in everyday food.

    Bawarchi: Health and Nutrition: Chemical ingredients of food products (Part 3)

    Food addiction:

    Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight

    Food addiction similar to Drug addiction!!

    Some light reading above:D

    Love Mini xxx
  17. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    ooh Mini - I've got too much reading to do already - "The Book" takes quite a bit of taking in to be sure I understand "his" principles!

    I obviously am going to take extra care re the old weight too. At least I know exactly what I can and can't eat these days and, alas, those old carbs are the trigger for me too so I shall be avoiding them! Think of me in the morning, won't you?!
  18. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I know I go into overload sometimes:eek: :p I love reading all sorts of stuff like this.

    Alan Carr is very good but at the end of the day I found it was will power won the day for me, but that is not to say it was not helpful. Along with NLP and I wish I could remember the guy who came from the UK and did a series of lectures and showed films on the tobacco industry and people who had their limbs amputated and still did not want or could stop smoking, it was over three or four was him that crowned it for me along with watching my mother die from lung cancer.

    He did tell me that I would give them up, he said he knew I would and I think his belief in me did the trick. I needed someone to believe I could do it as my husband said he would write on my tomb stone..."Just a minute till' I smoke my ciggie"!:(

    Be sure to keep busy and remember one puff and your back addicted again.

    It is so worth it:)

    Good luck!

    If I can stop smoking so can you.

    Love Mini xxx
  19. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I'm so sorry to read of your Mum Mini.

    My OH says he spends half his life waiting for me to finish a cigarette (outside usually these days)!

    Neither my friends nor my OH think I can do this. Their negatively spurs me on. No one thought I'd lose the weight either.

    <poking tongue out smiley>

    PS - other readers - didn't mean to kill this thread! CARRY ON!

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