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Reading this brought some Q to me

This diet is very restrictive and, like the Atkins diet, relies on forcing the body into ketosis in order to lose weight quickly. Ketosis occurs when the body does not receive enough calories or nutrition to function optimally. The body uses its fat stores to burn additional fat as a survival mechanism. Although ketosis does burn off additional fat, it also burns additional muscle during this process and it is generally considered unhealthy by medical professionals. Due to this extreme tactic there are many side effects to the diet including headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, irritability, diarrhoea, colic, constipation, dizziness, shakiness, bad breath and temporary hair loss.

There is also no exercise required on this diet which could result in followers gaining back the weight they lost after the diet has finished.
The upsides

If you're looking to lose weight quickly for a big event then this is a good solution as you are guaranteed to lose weight if you stick to the guidelines. Due to the way the diet works you are given very specific instructions to follow which is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle who doesn't have the time or inclination to learn how to cook healthy meals. Having a counsellor is also a great motivation and will help support you during those moments of weakness when gorging on chocolate or a plate of chips is too tempting to resist.

The bit where it said , bad breath , is there a way you can stop bad breath ? I mean drink more water ?
also what it says and gorging on chocolate or chips , by the time your counsellor gets back to you , you have already done the damage , we need boot camp lol
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carry your toothbrush & toothpaste with you?? breath freshener spray?? I have never called my CDC when I've felt tempted to binge, in the beginning I would go with the binge......until I discovered minimins, this site has been my savour by the time I finished reading posts the urge to binge has passed :D
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I'm not so sure I believe all that either.

Ketosis is not considered to be unnatural or unhealthy by all health practitioners. Some people think it's a very natural state to be in, especially when food is scarce. Early humans living on earth without farmers, pizza delivery shops, supermarkets etc would naturally have times when food was scarce and times when food was plentiful. Ketosis seems to be a survival mechanism to get people through times of famine. The body burns fat to survive. In times of plentiful food, the body lays down fat in preparation for times of famine. Seems a sensible thing to me, not silly at all.

As far as burning lean tissue goes, in early man, they most likely had a short life expectancy anyway. I believe fat is burned in preference to lean muscle anyhow. Plus I imagine early man's life was fairly active and therefore they would keep moving and keep using the muscles so it seems difficult to believe that they would be used for energy in preference of fat. Once fat supplies were all gone, then yes, perhaps, but we're talking Ethiopia and prison of war camps here.

With the current VLCDs, they're carefully formulated so there's enough protein in them to protect your lean body tissues. I don't think it's an issue on the diets. NICE has stated that they are safe, they wouldn't be allowed to exist if they were dangerous.

As far as side effects go, well it's a matter of opinion really, isn't it? Bad breath, well, sort of. Ketosis-breath definitely, not sure it's as bad as people with chronic halitosis! Again though, in early man, I don't think tooth hygiene was high up on their priorities so I doubt anyone even noticed. Plus do you want to survive a famine or so you want to have lovely smelling breath? The ketones are being produced in your body, as a result of burning fat, they have to come out somehow, so they come out in urine and through the skin and in the breath I think.

As for all the rest, irritation, nausea, colic etc. Well, I don't think everyone does suffer from those effects. That article seems to paint in broad brush strokes - if you do this diet you will suffer from all these and isn't it dreadful. I haven't suffered from any of the things on there. If you drink plenty of water I think most of those effects can be avoided.

Hair loss, well again, kinda. The body just prioritises essential things over non-essential things, and growing hair isn't one of them. So the growth phase of hair slows down or stops, but your hair still sheds at the same rate. So you're not actually losing more hair than you would have done, you're just not replacing it as you would have done. Once you move up the plans, hair growth returns. Plus again, this doesn't happen for everyone.

The alternative, to stay obese, is in my opinion, much more hazardous to health. Much more likely to have heart and lung and joint problems.

I think I'll take my chances on the diet thank you very much!


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Amen to that Bailey! xx


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OMG, where did you find that 'article'? Brothers Grimm Library ? (BTW, used to love Brothers Grimm stories when I was young...scared the life out of me though :D)

Anyway, not much of it is true, so who wrote it?


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Aaah, found it. And I placed a comment on that site last week :D :D

Oh dear.. Poor old memory this days :eek:
bad breath - mouth spray?

Is there a mouth spray we are 'allowed' to use on CD? I am so worried about the bad breath at work

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I use Listerine spray or retar-dex available from Boots/Sainsburys

I use it alot as im in a car all day with people (driving inst) and it hasnt slowed my weight loss down in case your worried lol
Re: article - OMG that's so blinkered it's untrue. It's like something the Inquisition put together...

Re: ketosis breath - Boots do an excellent sugar-free breath spray; Listerine for a good swoosh works (they even do handbag-friendly bottles of the lilac Total variety); Gold Spot is sugar free. But tastes vile.

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