Readings in Ketosis


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LS thanks again, so any reading is ok but LLC prefers a mid range reading.
Just have to make sure I can go to the loo, cause when you have to go I often can't lol!!


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LS what would I do without you!
Thanks that was very informative and means I'm doing ok.


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That was easy to understand and explains everything. LS can you get that on the top sticky bit for newbies, it might cover a lot of questions for up and coming LLers.

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nobodies done my ketosis can i buy the stix myself, if so were from:confused:


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This is very good info. I had some background knowledge from my atkins days but ive not seen it put so clearly before.
The ketostix if anyone is still after them can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy as they are commonly used by people with diabetes, where ketones are considered a red flag that they have a problem. I used to get mine from sainsburys pharmacy.
They are probably much cheaper if you buy them yourself rather than from you VLCD counsellor.. W8 are selling these for 6.95 a pot.. I cant remember how much I paid for mine, but im sure it was quite a bit less!!



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My LLC told me to drink more water due to dark colour on stick, but I'm drinking abut 5 litres a day. This helps me understand the process and readings a lot better. Thanks!


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Off to shops to buy some sticks lol x makes a change from a takeaway. X


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Boots sell them for £5.15 for 50.


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?! Any ideas?

Hi all,

I'm a restarter on day 4 of my LL revisit. I checked the Ketostix on day 3, and I was in ketosis (and 5 lbs down!). Checked it again this morning; still in ketosis.

But I've been feeling horrible since then - started my TOTM, felt all woozy, then got a migraine (great day!), and I've been hungry too.

Checked the Ketostix just now and got a negative result - am not into ketosis anymore.

Any ideas what it might be? The Tabasco in my soups maybe? Just a getting-into-ketosis blip? None of the meds I've taken for my migraine contain sucrose.

I'm not really freaking out as I'm following the plan so will probably slip back into ketosis soon - am just wondering why I've slipped out!


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Hi all

I'm on day 3 of LLT. Really struggling to be honest. I had a blinding headache all day yesterday. Still had the remnants this morning but on the mend I think. The truest saying ever 'no pain no gain'. I'm holding on to that thought as I see my boyfriend tuck into something delish ( i won't say what). Am in ketosis. 1+. so hopefully will have a good result on the scales. I'm excited and nervous.

Good luck everyone. Keep going. Xxx
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