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Ready and raring to go but a bit nervous!

Went to Tesco this morning and did my shopping so I'm all ready for the grand start tomorrow - have read my book from front to back and think I've got it all & I'm just about to go and make some Roasted Red Pepper soup for tomorrow's lunch. So why nervous - well I'm not entirely sure but partly because I so want this to work and I'm worried it won't for me - as when I did Atkins I plateau'd for weeks and lost all heart & motivation, and having only really successfully lost weight before doing Cambridge it's one of those diets that almost seem too good to be true, although I do understand how calories have mislead me all these years. I'm also concerned about the amount of cooking I'm going to be doing as I am the Ready Meal Queen and live off the stuff, I find cooking a chore but I've got so lazy that I do think this will do me good, in more ways than one and my eating habits need to drastically change. I did have a pleasant surprise with my shopping bill, I thought it was going to be horrendous, but eating ready meals ain't cheap and we don't eat a lot of cheap, carby meals, so it wasn't any more than normal, despite the higher amount of fresh meat and loads of fresh veg - i did feel very virtuous putting all my fresh veggies on the conveyor at the till, the woman in front was having a good old look - mind you she was probably wondering how come I was fat eating such healthy food LOL :p

So I'm just about ready once I've made my soup, bit concerned about the food, bacon & eggs not my favourite thing to have every day but it's only for 5 days and then I'll have some porridge, or muesli and definitely some berries - oh can't wait for those. I'm not a big fruit eater, so not worried about missing fruit, although I do like berries and although I love chocolate & carbs I think I'll be ok but will miss sweet things I'm sure, I'm more worried about caffeine and caffeine withdrawal as that's gonna hurt I know - I can't face black coffee as I mostly drink (fattening) cappuccinos's so it's going to be a real cold turkey withdrawal - but I know I'll feel better for it in the long run.

Roll on tomorrow and the next chapter in getting thinner and healthier!

Jan xx
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Good luck Joan. I was nervous too before I started. If you can get through the first 5 days you will feel great. Lots of water and early nights!!

Look forward to following your progress.
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Jan, I have to be honest and say that I can't tell the difference between caffeinated & decaff coffee - never have been able to:eek:

I'm sure you'll do really well - just remember to drink as much water as poss;)
Thanks guys :D

It's not the fact I don't like decaff, it's that I can't drink black coffee, so I won't be having any and I know I'm going to have the mother of all headaches, especially combined with sugar withdrawal - but it has to be done & I'm now ready!

Made my soup this afternoon, nearly a disaster - how on earth do you peel cooked peppers, they're slippery little bu**ers and did not want to be peeled, ooh I was cursing - no wonder I eat so many ready meals, pinging the microwave is so much easier LOL. Plus I burnt the onions and only bought 4 peppers instead of 6 (you see I wasn't kidding - I'm no Nigella!!!) however the finished result was very tasty, I was impressed, so was hubby, but shame we've only got half a mug of soup each by the I'd finished! So will be taking some salad too :p I'm very impressed with myself though as I remembered to take the prawns out of the freezer to have in my salad & my first ever homemade soup, in the end, wasn't half bad :D Gawd all this cooking - it's kill or cure time :p
S: 22st3lb C: 21st8lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st9lb(2.89%)
Well done you:D

I don't want to lead you into bad ways already but I have never peeled my peppers:rolleyes:
Not 100% sure if this recipe is 'kosha' for Phase 1 but my BNS soup is just 1 BNS peeled & chopped, 2 red peppers de-seeded & chopped, 1 lge onion peeled & chopped all in a large saucepan with 1.5pts of veg stock - I use 2 veg oxo cubes. Bring to the boil & then simmer for 20-25mins (till BNS is soft). Allow to cool a little then blitz till no bits ;)
Usually makes at least 1ltr of soup once done. If you find it a little bland you could add a little paprika.

Good luck with Phase 1:p
Yum - that sounds good, I think I'll give that one a go, sounds easier :D
Good luck for today!!!!

Peeling peppers? I've never heard such a thing?!!?!?!?!!? lol. Then again i'm no Nigella either and Jim's been doing most of our cooking on the diet!

I felt like pants last week but by the weekend, especially yesterday was feeling fabaroony!!!!

What's your menu today then? x
Ooh I’m glad it’s not just me then, I don’t feel like a complete failure at the moment LOL. The recipe came from the Harcombe recipe book and it definitely says after roasting peel the peppers then chop, I shan’t bother next time, i don’t think it’ll make that much difference after I’ve blitzed it with the blender.

Just posted my menu on the menu thread Karen, but today is:

B – Bacon & eggs
L – The soup plus a prawn salad
D – planning to make butternut squash curry with brown rice
Feeling ok, so far, but it is only just gone 11 am! LOL :D

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