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Ready-made CD milkshakes`


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I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but you can have your full 3 or 4 packs a day allowance on it (that's SS).

I love the tetras and the last twice I have been on CD I only got the chocolate tetras so this time I got all the flavoured packets to try and I still totally prefer the tetras. To me, they taste much smoother and no matter how smooth I get the packet it still tastes grainy and powdery to me. Looks like I will be back to the tetras again too! I have 3wks to wait though of using packets as my CDC is away on holiday! Aagghh!


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I agree, I can't stomach the packets, only when mixed with water flavouring in to a mousse-type thing. Otherwise they taste so salty. I tried drinking the tetra thing from the glass but the smell was awful. Thankfully a straw sorted that out :) It would be nice to at least eat 2 things, as I have to have 4 packets a day :D

Thanks for your help


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I think I will have 2 tetras and 2 powder and water flavouring mix. I'm so excited I get a combination. Oh dear, it's a bit sad ;)


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It's the little things that keep you going! Lost 5 stone on Cambridge before on just one flavour. So much harder this time around, but at least I know my issues so hoping it won't go back on! Another flavour makes it much more bearable :)


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Yes, I have a number of clients who only have choc tetras. Lovely in coffee
Only chocolate. Hate strawberry-flavoured anything! Thanks, hope I can :)

How do you have it in coffee? Use the Tetra instead of water? I'm (easily) confused :)


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Yes, I have a number of clients who only have choc tetras. Lovely in coffee
I totally agree, lovely in coffee, they've saved me in Starbucks lots of times. Instead of ordering a hot chocolate or a cappuccino I just get an ordinary black coffee and put my choc tetra in, it's like a mocha then, yummy. Just a shame I can't seem to stomach coffee anymore while I'm on CD
Hi Surfhunny,

I can't have coffee if I have it first thing in the morning as it sets off my IBS. As long as I have it after a packet I'm ok :)


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It makes me puke no matter when I have it. It's very strange, cos I can have it when I'm not on CD. I used to replace milk with the chocolate tetra, just make coffee the normal way, then instead of milk use choc tetra. x
when I did cd before i always used to keep a tetra in the freezer and then if i was out for the day I would take one with me and it would always be nice and cold, also another good way to eat it was to get it out an hour or so before I wanted it, let it melt a bit and then open the packet and eat it with a spoon, like an ice cream, lovely!! and it lasts for ages!
tetras were also great for grabbing first thing in the morning and popping in my bag, as I very rarely have time in the morning to make up a shake before school run!!
Good luck with it all, I am starting back again on 1 june!
x x