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A curly wurly is 6 syns, or a cadburys standard fudge bar is 5.5. A 2 finger kit kat is 5.5 syns too Hun. Hope this helps?


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Oooh I love kit kats, there on my list now. Thanks Mrs V.


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i like the mikado's and think they work for the chcocolate craving, they are only 1/2 syn for the stick. xx


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If you have a square of something like green and blacks and just pop it under your tongue and let it melt (don't suck it) you should find that it will satisfy your cravings for chocolate. Its about 7.5 syns for the 70% for 28g which is quite a lot if you weigh it out.

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The Boots shaper bars were a godsend for me when I craved chocolate. The mint chocolate or strawberry ones are 4 syns though I think there are other flavours now.


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Thank you! Some great ideas here. Cant wait to get to the shops. I love chocolate!!!


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The cadbury "snow bites" (sorry to mention the "s" word!) are 1/2 a syn each and they are lovely, a bit like a cadbury mini eggs wih some sugar dusting. I know our morrisons are selling the packets for 49p at the moment (reduced from 99p) - I couldn't believe they were low syn (i just hope that the syns on line is correct!)


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Bournville / Dairy Milke (under 99 calories) - 5 syns (mint chip one is 4.5)
Snack Size Galaxy Ripple - 4.5 syns

Boot Shapers Crispy Caramel Bar - 5 syns
Freddo!!! - 5.5 syns (with caramel 5 syns)
Snack size Crunchie - 6.5 syns
Snack size Chunky Aero - 5.5
Animal Bar - 5 syns
Milky Way - 5.5 syns
Chomp - 5.5 syns
Boots Shapers Cool Mint Nougat & Dark Choc Bae - 4 syns
Fudge - 6 syns

I know some of these have been said before :p

Mmmmm chocolate - might be worth a walk to the shops tomorrow in the snow!!


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Oooh...I like this thread! Especially like the sound of the mars ice cream bars...maybe wait til weather's a little better though. Thanks everyone x