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Real True Phobia about Class Weigh ins...

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by Blessings, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Blessings

    Blessings Full Member

    Am I alone here? I'd love to go back to a SW class, but cannot abide the weigh ins. I'm not trying to opt out of accountability, but there are several issues that really make it impossible for me to go to a class. But I would like the general support from members.
    As a teenager I was humiliated by parents who weighed me publically and commented very negatively....(even though I was actually at the bottom of a good natural weight range for my age around 7 and half stone - yep. They were sick. I know!) This was enough to do serious psychological damage. I won't go into it further. But needless to say, repeating the scenario of weighing in as an adult is very stressful.
    Also, I dislike the queue in the class. It reminds me of farmers going to auction and weighing in cattle! Sorry! Must be my rural up-bringing. It just does! Mooo!
    I obviously also hate it if I've put weight on. Which sadly is part of the weight loss process from time to time.
    I would just love to go back to a group and see people, much as it's great online. But not sure what I can do about this.
    Am I alone with this issue?
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  3. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    Maybe ring a consultant in your area, I know people who get weighed at the end of group so they have no fear of anyone looking at the scales or watching their reaction. Maybe cover the screen so you don't know what you've lost/gained until you get home? Just a few suggestions
  4. Blessings

    Blessings Full Member

    Thanks Sarahslimming. How would I know my weight when I got home????? Get them to write it down maybe. Then there's that everyone wanting to hear how you've done...... and the discussion during the meeting. I'd once lost half a pound and was happy with that as I'm a slow loser. Then everone in the group took it to pieces trying to work out where I'd gone wrong. Hey, maybe it's just not for me....
  5. Zappacat

    Zappacat Full Member

    Hi I totally understand how you feel. I think attending a group would be helpful but I'm far too embarrassed. I'd be mortified if anyone I knew was there. I've joined SW online & I'm really disappointed as I thought there would be online groups like this to meet people on but there's nothing. A huge let down & I think mismarketed as they say there is online support but it's just generic computer generated responses. Wish I'd found this site first.
  6. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    Yeh they write it in your book, and if you waited until the end to get weighed your consultant wouldn't discuss your weight in group so no one would no if you gain, lose. And Zappavat I agree that I think they would have forums like this online, its so useful!
  7. MrsMcG

    MrsMcG Full Member

    Could you have a chat with your consultant? When I rejoined after my miscarriage I didn't want to take part in the discussions so I asked her not to talk to me in the group. I just sat and listened. There's a few people in our group just listen. There's one of these women who closes her eyes why on the scales. It's written in the book for her and she looks at it at home.
    I'm sorry to hear what you've been through when you were you younger. It always amazes me how misguided people can be when they're trying to "help" us.

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