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realising how much you DID eat??


getting slimmer

by doing cd ive lost 2 1/2 stone, such a fabby diet, but ive also realised how much i used to eat.

a couple slices of cheese when making packed lunches,
the crusts of my little boys toast and sanwhiches,
opening crisps for him and having a handful,
the left over fish fingers,
or eating half a tin of beans while there heating up!
the odd roastie while there cooking (dipped in the gravy!) the list goes on......!!!

now watching how much my O/H shoves in his mouth is astounding!!
i cant beleive i used to eat like that!! and worse!

cd really opens your eyes to what you put in your body hey???
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your not wrong i could have easily eaten to i was full and then some more, i have improved my familys eating habits and insist that the kids get their 5 a day etc... no more chips, burgers or sausages which have not come from the butchers or made at home, we dont have ready meals or take aways or mcdonalds its made me realise that i dont want my daughter especially to have to go through life being obese ( mind you if you saw her theres nothing of her shes 10 weighs 4 stone and wears age 7 clothes bless ahhh)


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i know. i recently went on holiday and attempted to eat what i thought was normal!! i was absolutely bursting... didn't do that again, ha. i still troughed a lot... but realised that the portion sizes i had, even though i knew they were big. i didn't realise quite how big... or the amount of easy snacking can be done..

abz xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi know what you mean,by the time I used to sit down to have my roast on a sunday i didnt really want it as i had already eaten half the joint of meat while carving it!!
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It is an eye-opener. We are so surrounded by refined processed food with very little nutritional value. I am already thinking I want more nutritional value for the food I eat. One other thing I have learned is the difference between real hunger and head hunger!
I have to admit my children the last couple f days have been eatijg very well and was nice seeing them eating their dinner as well.

Quite scared at how much I can consume still, but its bingeing and it depends on the state of my emotions and now on day 7 and feeling strong despite a massive row with my husband this morning, if anything it made me not want to eat.
missmf. you are so inspiring - ii want to lose what you have lost and then maintain with exercise. and you are right - the reason i am on this diet is that i ate too much. and the sad thing is that it wasn't the wrong food as we tend to eat pretty healthily it was just the amount of food i was getting in.

i have vowed never to go back to that way of eating...
I used to think nothing of eating a huge bag of crisps and drink 4 beers whilst watching TV :eek:

When I was going to SW, if I had a loss I would go home via the chippy and have large fish and chips often washed down with beer and followed by cake............lots of it:eek: If I didn't have a loss...............well I would pretty much do the same to drown my sorrows.

On CD, I generally celebrate with a small piece of grilled chicken and salad or courgette, washed down with a pint.........of water and followed by a bar ot shake.


Doing Slimming World
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I agree! After WI I have a little treat - I'd easily eat a little french stick, slabs of butter and cheese on it and a large bag of crisps in one go regularly before CD. Now after WI I have 2 crumpets with butter and a few crisps (before anyone says anything I have done this all through CD and it's never harmed me) and I'm stuffed!

It's a real eye opener.


getting slimmer
i couldnt believe it too, hopefull changed my out look on food altogether. although sometimes i can imagine still pigging out with a chinese and wine, but kow ive gotta be good the rest of the time.
all about balance!! x

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