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Realistic Expectation


Striving to be good.....
Reach for the stars but settle for the moon I would say.....
(ok ok all you astrologers - its probably wrong!)
What i mean is aim for your 34lbs but dont be disappointed if you dont make it. Its a hell of a lot to lose in 8 weeks. My CDC reckons on 14lbs a month.... so about 28lbs - I know its only another half stone....and you probably could make it... good luck but don't be disappointed if you have over estimated.
sorry don't mean to be a killjoy.... just dont want you to feel a 'failure' because you didn't do exactly what you set to achieve.

Thats my two-penn'orth anyway!

Michelle x
Thanks Ladies. I weigh 195lbs, so even any loss at will will have me chuffed, I would go insane if I could be 165 at hols, that would be so amazing!!
Just over 8 weeks away, so if you average 4lbs a week then thats 32lbs then another cople of pound and your there. you can do it. Good luck


MUST get a grip
Clare you made my day. I was thinking about walking and swimming (if I can be arsed to shave my legs that is ;) )

I am currently single - and was only just saying the other day - LOVING the not shavin legs business.... I'm off to a Spa day thingy beginning of April so I'll deal with them then - til then I'm loving the mediterennean look :D:D:D:D:D:D


MUST get a grip
Hey I figure as long as I am still using deodorant, it is all good!! :0
BTW - I actually come from Ashford, my mum and dad and family still live there, my best friend lives over the bridge by Feltham Remand and I work in Hayes.... Small world eh - and yes I am currently still bathing and using deoderant, daily infact.... Even wore make-up today xxx
I'm in the same boat as you. We're going to Florida on 7th May and I'm hoping to lose 2 stone at least by then.
Just go for it, what have you got to lose other than lots of horrid fat of course :) Good luck to you and to Jaybar too :D


I will get to goal .....
Well said!! It's a great incentive to stick to plan, no straying and wherever you are by holiday is a million miles closer than you would have been if you had chosen to do nothing (iykwim)!!

I'm off to Florida on 17th April for 2 weeks, that's my motivation for losing. Hoping to be another stone down by then ;) from now.

We'll do this peeps - just keep chipping away at it bit by bit
Hey Dobbie I'm off to Florida probably just after you get back. You'll have to drop me a line and let me know your recommendations. I went 4 years ago but I know they've had tonnes of new stuff since then.
Hope you hit your target by then and I hope you have fun. I'm like a big kid at the moment and checking the calender every day to see how many days it is until we leave! :D
all i will say is anything is possible with this diet!!! Best of luck. Keep going anyways you may even get close to that and trust me you will feel alot better. I was away for a weekend had lost 2stone and seat belt on aeroplane fitted me (could have cried and shouted it down the plane!!) Its amazing what loosing a couple of pounds can do :) :)

xx becky xx

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