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really, 10lbs gain in 3 days!

oh hun *hugs* that is such a large gain for only 3 days,i dont start exante untill the 2nd but iv been reading through the posts for motivation,couldnt help but reply and say hi,maybe because you've eaten carbs your storing alot of water maybe?? xx

p.s dont give up!!! youv come this far!!X


I will never give up
thats good to hear as ive put on 4-5 lbs too so was hoping next week il have a good loss.
It's worth getting that bad weigh in done quickly, and then getting back on track. You'll probably get a fantastic 'first' week again, and then you'll be back on track. The important thing for all of us will be transitioning from this to real food in the long run.... I'm a little nervous about that, but I think this is just a shock to your body to go from VLCD to lots of calories & carbs!

Anyway, good luck whatever way you choose to lose it next :)


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Im too scared to weigh myself! Ive eaten and drunk like a beast....
Im too scared to weigh myself! Ive eaten and drunk like a beast....
LOL hun... I have put on 3 lbs n the chocies keep calling me. Tomorrow am out for dinner so another plus on the lbs:tear_drop:. Am back on diet, fingers crossed on Sun. Hugs everyone x
Like has already been stated, most of the weight will defo be glycogen n water weight. When ur back on plan keep necking the water n it'll whoosh off I betcha. That's the difference between vlcd's n other types, the cells deplete of their water stores really quickly but they also fill back up again quickly. It'll be like having the first week whooshie again n then the fat will follow :) good luck on the new start

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