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Really annoyed with my consultant!!

Tonight my consultant really made me cross and quite angry :mad: ... however, since I've come home, I can't make my mind up what to do.. :sigh:

I am the weigh-in woman at our group, and as such have quite got used to being the last to get weighed.. :rolleyes: (Oh the irony is not lost on me!!! - to be honest, it does sometimes bother me, but not got me angry until tonight!!)

As usual, everyone in the group got weighed and then me and the Cash-woman went to the bathroom (pee a pound!!! :p). When I got back, the new consultant (it's their second week running our group) had the PDA in their hands getting ready to start Image Therapy. I went up and explained that neither Cash-woman or I had been weighed yet. The response?... 'Yes I know. I told Cash-woman that I'd weigh her after IT.' Yes, but I haven't been weighed yet either (not that I think that I'm any better than Cash-woman, it's just that she's at target, and I still have a looong way to go). Response 'Yes I know, I'll weigh you after IT' :eek:

Even though I wasn't happy, I thought that as it was taster night, they just wanted to get that started..... But NO!!! The consultant went round the entire group and did their losses (with the recent influx of new starters, the group was quite full)

Totally fed-up and peed off!! :mad: As the weigh-in woman I don't expect any special treatment (and boy do I not get it!! :rolleyes:), but as a paying member, I do expect to be treated equally and with the same respect as anyone else.. :mad:

So,... what should I do??....

A) Go back to group next week, and carry on as normal. Maybe they didn't realise what an ignorant a$$ they were being?

B) Go to a different group next week (and maybe permanently). Even if the consultant apologised, would that be enough?

C) Go back to group next week but tell them I don't want to do the weigh-in? (We have been trying to get other people to help out but to no avail...) Could I do that and not feel guilty??

I feel like I have been taken advantage of... after all, would they have done that to anyone else?? I understand that if you come late, they make you weigh-in at the end, but I'd been there from 7!!!! (class runs from 7-7:30 WI, 7:30- IT.)

I've got until next Wednesday to make up my mind......
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I do cash or weigh depending on whats needed in our group and I turn up early so that I can. I always get weighed before everyone else starts to arrive as soon as the session is open.

This does however tend to mean I always get read out first in IT, which prolly annoys loads of people but its simply down to the order in which people arrive.

If I were you, I would go back, and say that while you are happy to continue to help out (if you still are) then you would prefer it if you could WI when you arrive before everyone else arrives so that you dont get missed out of IT.
I'm usually at group early too (as it was Taster Night, I was bringing hot food from home, so left it till the last minute!!). Sometimes there are people waiting to WI before we've even finished setting up!! (Actually this new consultant gets there early, but the first week had someone from head office (I think) who helped him set up, and this was his second week).

Not really bothered at getting weighed last, except that I do get rushed through at the end of IT and often don't get asked about how my week has been, or what weekly target I want to set myself... and its really frustrating when after you've weighed someone, they ask how I've done, and I don't know!!!!!

Actually,..... thinking about it..... it bothers me quite a bit... more than I thought...
Then you need to say. You are there to help, not be taken for granted, or treated less well than other members. You still pay your weekly fees, and are entitled to the same services as the others get. Insist on WI before you start your session of WI others. Thats the best time to do it anyway, once people start streaming in the C needs to go do the new member talks and introduce herself and stuff and thats when the social team are most needed.
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Starlight, no, you don't get free group for helping.

I've done the 'shop' a few times now. If I get there before class starts I get weighed in with the other people who help out. Otherwise I'm allowed to skip the queue and get weighed whenever I want and our consultant will sit at the shop until I'm done.

I would insist that you get weighed in before class starts. If your consultant has a problem with that then she can find someone else to do it.
So he's a new consultant then and isn't quite au-fait with how things work?
If this hasn't happened before then I wouldn't let it worry you too much, just make sure you get weighed before everyone else next week (the staff weigh first at my group). I wouldn't let it wind you up to be honest.
He'll find his own way to do things I'm sure but I do think it's best that staff get weighed first, then you can drink a coffee and have a snack :) Just ask him.
PS - I don't get the class for free but we do get a magazine :)
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i would ask to save time at the end if you and cash lady could weigh 1st.. that is what has always happened @ our group and we never mind waiting for them to get sorted :)
I think a quiet work with your C may help?
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I think I would definitely have a word with him - he may genuinely not have realised what he's done and he can't change what he's not aware of :)


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Its been a while since I've gone to a class, but if you've not been weighed, come image therapy we wouldnt know if you or the cash-lady were slimmer of the week !! Therefore surely it makes sense for the consultant to weigh you all first :)


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Yeahh just say you'd rather get weighed first so you can join in IT - you dont have to make it an issue, just say oh i think i'd much rather get weighed first before anyone else comes in, that way i can make the most of IT, if you dont mind :)! if you're paying you def deserve to have the same treatment as everyone else!! Good luck, let us know how you get on! xxxx


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The girl who does the weigh in at our group gets weighed before she starts, make it easier.

What would happen if you won an award, you wouldnt know until everyone has gone home.

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