Really bad cough


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I have had a cough since thursday and it has got worse, especially when i lay down at night.

I am really tired, fed up because i don't want to got to the gym incase it makes it worse, and worse off all have not eaten properly and so picked.

:( :( :( :(
Do you smoke? Sometimes smokers cough more at night but i'd say its a chest infection - am only over one myself and its tough

If you can, go to your GP. Get it checked out.


I had a cough that was worse at night and it was explained to me that it was post-nasal drip...that when your on the horizontal it goes down the back of your throat and irritates you and you keep coughing.

If you go to your local chemist they can advise further and there are plenty of cough medicines without sugar.

A cough that persist for a long period of time should always be investigated as it could be something else more serious.

My friend says that if you peel and cut an onion in two and leave it in your bedroom at night that this works. You will have a smelly room in the morning but she reckons you won't cough, I have yet to try this one.

Love Mini xxx

Thanks mini, hubby out playing football this evening can you imagine his reaction to the smell when he comes in later. lol

I don't smoke and haven't had a cold so don't think it is mucus irritating it when i lie down.

I feel fine so feel a bit funny going to gp as it would have to be emergency appt as normal appts are about 1 week wait.
Asthma can start with an irriating cough at night - i did read on my travels once...

Nothings silly when going and (paying) to see the GP's eyeballs...

See how it gets on...if it stays the same - or gets worse - hot foot it to the doc

Slept quite well last night and feel much better for it today(not as sorry for myself). Cough is still there but i went to the gym this morning to see if i was better, not a good idea out of puff quickly due to tight chest.

Never mind i tried

Thanks for all your suggestions, hope it will start fading soon