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Really bad day :/


One last chance
Ok today was aweful for me. Last week though I lost 4lbs and got back down to where I started so, thats good.

But today my dad had a real go at me today and I was eating properly until 6pm. Here's what I did.

6:30 am Breakfast:
30g special k 1.5
100ml milk 1
1x WW yoghurt 0.5

1:00 pm Lunch:
2x slices of kingsmill wholemeal 3.5
2x Laughing Cow light cheese triangles 1
4 finger kit kat 5.5
2x small apples 1

10:00 pm Dinner:
2x large bowls of special k
8 sqaures of cadbury nut chocolate 8
2 biscuits 5
2x slices of white bread 3.5
30g of philadelphia light cheese spread. 1.5

Really bad, I know, but I was just not in the mood. Have I done enough to gain? :sigh:
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One last chance
I put the points of what I could work out, I'd say I had over 30 in total :/


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Whens weigh in? If its not soon could you not claw some back of other days? x
I doubt you will gain hon, not if you did ok all week. And even if you do, just draw that old line and move on. Its not the end of the world.

Mind you I am going to lecture you a little for not actually having a proper dinner!!! I think you need o fill up more on the old 'filling' foods, you are less likely to eat the 'naughty' stuff then!


One last chance
My weigh in is every monday. I know it's not the end of the world its just I promised myself that I wouldn't have another gain. I finally got back down to where I started and this time I want it to go down further.


chunky chick :-)
i dont think u will gain hun, just try n claw it back and be good at the weekend. sorry your having a hard time xx


One last chance
Thanks, I'll try, the weekend is when it's most hardest :X

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