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Really crap day....

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! Big hugs being sent your way!!

On the diet front though; eating isn't going to make any of these others things any better! & you know why you want to be on LT, so don't lose sight of those for something that will only make you feel better fleetingly!

Good luck :)

Thankyou han han , Im not going to totally cave.... could do with a long holiday on an island on my own tho, with the shakes and a blender xxx


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Keep your chin up, I'm sure it will all come out in the wash, hugs from Wales toox
Poor you xx its so so easy to turn to food as a comfort but well done you on staying focused. xx Oh and on the o/h issue- I get around my anger simply, imagine them on the loo constipated with no loo roll- it works for me each time, I smile and realise its just not worth it.. xxx


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Aww that really is a crap day!! Well done for not caving. Be strong and come and rant on here!! Hugs xx
Thanks all, not much better today but i am NOT EATING, wont let all this get to me... hopefully he is leaving, trying to get the flat tyre off the other car as we live in the countryside and only have one running car, but the other will run until i sort something out.... wont get into weigh in but have enough sachets till monday thank god.. we will see, might sort itself out but after last night I doubt it.. probably help with the weight loss though lol xxx your all great, thank god i can come on here and rant, life can be so hard sometimes!!! lol xxx
Just remember don't give in, if you don't look after yourself/think of no 1 you can't look after your family. Keep it up and rant all you want, take care and don't be to hard on yourself xx
Thanks, well he has gone with the first load of stuff, im gonna start putting the place in order, girls back from creche soon so will feel better if house tidy and ordered.. trying not to chain smoke lol gonna have a pint of water then make a start.. no point sitting around moping eh xxx
thanks soon2b, Ihave a close friend nearby which will be good as I live 30 miles from town.. My mum is 50 miles away but helps when she can, they are both in creche, havent thought about the financial implications yet, wont surprise me if he tries to patch it all up, he has and has succeeded before, I dont know, I feel like whatever happens I need a few weeks on my own, to think, not been happy for a while neither is he, well he certainly doesnt act it anyway, without going to into it all, maybe we will work it out, but I need him gone... The girls will be ok, i dont think he will be an awol father but then you never know with them do you... hope he doesnt make things difficult but I have a feeling he might, but heho, Im a strong lass.. soryy to waffle this is a lipo forum not dear dierdre lol xx thanks for the replies x
sorry to hear about what your going through tasha, sending u plenty of hugs and hope things work out for you real soon.
I hope you are ok. If you can get through this without eating you can get through anything! My husband cheated on me last year, hence why this is my second attempt as I ate my feelings! We are still together but this time I am losing weight for me and no one else! You will be ok and hopefully if the relationship is worth saving then you will. Big hugs.

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