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Really disappointed this week so far :(

I'm on day 4 of week 3. Monday was my weigh in day. Since then I've put on half a pound! Why arent I losing???? I stick faithfully to the plan and drink at the very least 2 litres of water. Its very disheartening. I know its only 4 days, but I was expecting at least a 1lb of by today :confused:
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Bet you are really and it's just water /totm etc etc. Hold in there ! Maybe try measuring yourself as well and see if inches go and not just silly weight . X


I will do this!
Have faith, the diet works, it is impossible not to! By the end of the week I'm sure you will see the results you want and be happy x
thanks folks for the encouragement. You're right about the measuring. I should have done that when I started really, although I know its come off cos I can see it (and I can get my trousers back on lol!) I will stick it out. I'm not giving up now, particularly as I'm not finding it particularly difficult to stick to at the moment.
JUST KEEP AT IT HUN, X this diet really works u just gota stop weightin urself threw the week n wait til the weeks up,x
Keep the faith LynnieP! There's no way you can stick to this diet and not be burning fat, its against the laws of physics! So something else is going on with water/hormones etc and hiding that... once you get through it there'll be a sudden nice big drop in weight for you :)


There you go so you are losing if clothes fitting or too lose . The weight can also be affected if you are doing any exercise as muscle weighs more than fat ..,, even if it's only those squats up and down we are making every time we need a pee ( in my case every ten mins) . I call it the tug squat and pull exercise . Think I am losing calories running to the loo as well! Plus don't forget lifting all those litre bottles up to your lips .... :) x
thanks again you lot :)
I know you're right about not weighing through the week - can't help it - am addicted lol.
Love the excercising due to toilet visits lol!
I agree with starlight - once a week is enough. Daily results are too misleading and they can bring you down and even lead you to cheat.

Once a week is a far more accurate reflection of your true losses, anyway.


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Just once a month weighing is enough for me - I can't bear the emotional roller coaster as the scales fluctuate. You have to believe this diet works - it does, if you stick to it you will lose weight. No debate, it does work but be patient. Scales take time to catch up - for all sorts of reasons, many listed above. BUT it will work and will show on the scales. By the way scales do not always remember your weigh day, often they quite unhelpful! SO carry on, be strong and as Starlight says - keep away from the scales.
dont beat urself up uremember on this diet ur lookin at 3-4lb a week as long as ur 100% ur hit ur target

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