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Really don't want it! T.T Advice?


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How much does it affect your weight loss if you only have two meals for one or two days? I've got just the soup left for the day and I really can't eat it. Not only has it started to make me feel sick but I'm just really not hungry today. >< (I get like it sometimes and just don't feel like eating)

I know we're supposed to eat all three meals a day but I just don't want it. Tomorrow is my first weigh in(!) and I'll be able to pick up more food then and finally switch to something else, but I'm worried that it'll affect my weight loss if I do skip it. It's still early so I might have it if I do get hungry but I know if I force myself I'll only end up being sick. XP Will it really be that terrible if I don't have it?
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I was like this in the beginning and found it really hard to fit all my shakes in and often only had 2, this is not advisable though, as obviously you will not be getting everything ur body needs. It won't do huge amounts of harm loss wise just this once but if u possibly can then I would try and get it down!!


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Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had this problem! Yeah I'm worried that it'll be too close to starvation, I'll definitely have it if I do get hungry but for now I think I'll just leave it.
I agree; as a one off it's not going to do any damage but it's not a habit you want to get into as it can increase the risk of ill-health via nutritional deficit.


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In my first week i missed one shake and still lost 11lbs BUT you shouldnt miss any at all as they have all the nutrients etc that your body needs to survive for the day.

I cant see it doing much harm to your weigh in just in future dont miss any :)


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Think I'm going to skip this one tonight, still not hungry and definitely makes me feel better knowing it's not going to affect my weight loss. Definitely won't be skipping again! I'm changing to either flapjacks or shakes tomorrow.


As everyone has already mentioned, you do need all of the meals. However, I think if it's going to make you sick then simply don't have your last soup tonight.

I would say that the flapjacks are definately an aquired taste, so if you've not tried them before then maybe just get one of each type this week. That way if you don't like them, it's only two meals worth that you've got. If you do then obviously you can get a lot more the following week.

Good luck for tomorrow. :)


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Yeah I'm going to get a couple more shakes and just the coconut (not a huge fan of peanut butter) just incase I don't like them.

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