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really down day!!!


Gold Member
Im not having a good day...
i just feel like crying all the time!!
i was amazed at my first 2 weeks weight loss. 8lb was more than what i could have imagined...
now 2 weeks later im still the same...
i am trying really hard, doing everything i can, but im still not loosing!! why???

anyone else kinda hit that brick wall????

need help... (im kinda scared of going off the rails...) so thought i would come on here for help and support.....
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Firstly a mahoooosive congratulations on your weight loss, you have and are still doing brilliantly :D

It is quite normal when you are dieting to hit a plateau even though you are eating exactly the same, don't lose heart, I think the best thing you can do is to make some little changes, try increasing your calories a little on one day and decreasing them the next kind of zig-zagging them. Try adding a little exercise or if you already exercise change what you are doing ie running for swimming, or maybe even try some strength training with some light weights (I think weight training can boost metabolism) Maybe change what you are eating try eating more protein and less carbs, maybe have protein based snacks.

Don't run off the rails girlie and undo all the hard work and pounds lost, dig in and keep going you CAN do it :D


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thankyou Jelly tot.
i dont understand why im not loosing. but after just having a shower a few things have come to mind. which i will investigate more... they may be nothing, but im going to ask....
im due for my period next week.... and maybe thats got something to do with it... i dont know.....
will keep trying.... i know that a binge on bad food wont help me.
but i just feel so rotten at the min....

hope your doing ok.... you sound like i did in week one!! lol.... and im still very pleased that i have lost 8lb, and i hope you can also do the same....

would you like to be moral support buds?? if you get what i mena... maybe thats what i also need to keep me going???


Staff member
Hi Kes,

8lb in two weeks is excellent...

Are you keeping a food diary and writing down everything to keep a track of what you are eating and your portion size.

It is easy to slip in extra's...if this is not the case it is also possible you could be under eating...then the body goes into starvation mode.

Jelly_Tot's suggestions and advice are excellent and worth giving them a try.

Love Mini xxx


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thanks mini.
im writing in my slim fast diary in the thread for it..
maybe i do need to do the whole zig zag thing...
Im cleaning at work today so thats a good solid 3 1/2 hours exercise so maybe that will kick start me again too... (i only started doing that last week)


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That sounds good!

You are making sure also to drink your water throughout the day as well as that will help.

Love Mini xxx


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water. you may aswell call me a fish.. (do they even drink water...) well an animal that does nothing but drink! lol. i am def getting (something i make sure of now after the first few weeks of not) of drink 2+litres.... can you drink too much???

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