really down


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after only losing 2lbs last week, went to pop in today, I've lost 1 lb, I am so disappointed, I really just feel like giving up.

I've really worked on drinking water all through the day, and I'm excercising more.

Does not help that we had a bonfire party and I stuck to the plan, just feeling like this is too hard for a couple of pounds a week.

Aw Shona :(

Try and look at the whole picture. I think that's over a stone now you've lost haven't you?

They reckon on a stone a month, so you are on target. Stick with it.

Perhaps the extra exercise is making you retain water? I know that on gym days I tend to gain a little weight. I know that tape measure will tell a different story though.

Hang in there
Please do not give up.

I've only ever lost between 1.5lbs & 2lbs per week and at first i was disapointed. I'd expected that on 500cals a day i'd lose a bit more than that.

But for the first time in my life the weight is coming off every week :D And almost before i knew it i'd lost 2st 5.5lbs! Ask your LLC to measure you again, that was a real boost for me especially when she showed me where i'd been when i started. It was hard to imagine i'd been that big! More importantly look for support if you feel like giving up, ring your counsellor, speak to other members of your group and come on this site.

In my first couple of weeks i nearly gave up many times, but the support of my Mum and my group saw me through it.

Keep at it. It will all be worth it when your at your target weight :D
Thanks I am a bit fluey as well. Missing the comfort food so much this week.

Feeling really deprived for no gain, daresay it will feel better tomorrow.
As a slow loser myself...I know I lost even less with WW and I did it to the letter.

Some weeks you will find a nice surpise in every month when it does come off a bit faster...hang in there.

Your perfectly normal to feel down from time to time, we all do and you could be coming down with a cold as the body detoxes this is quite common.

Hot soups help if you happen to like them.

Have you measured yourself?

Love Mini xxx
Thanks guys , had a bit of a snivel to myself and I feel loads better.

Havent measured myself yet, will get the tape measure out in a bit

what a rollercoaster....

Hi hun,
I know how you feel, my scales haven't shifted this week yet.
As others have said, try measuring as that can be a boost for you :)
Don't give up, stick with us, we'll do it together

Kitty xxx
Hi Shona

I did exactly that on week two and three then on week four I had a mega 5 loss and so it has carried on, some weeks better than others.

Other people in my group consistently lost 4lbs all the way through.

Don't be down, if you stick to it you will lose the stone a month that they guarantee.

I know this probably sounds daft because it did to me but I was told that some of it could be water retention and to up my water intake to flush it out - which did work!

Also when you don't lose weight you lose inches which is why it is so important to measure yourself regularly too.

Come on, chin up you are doing brilliantly!
Hi Hun,
I was so sad to read your thread. BUT I know exactly how you are feeling. Will power is the answer!! We can all do this as long as we keep focused. Remember we are all used to extremes, meaning extreme overeating. This diet is another extreme but involves not over eating!! Keep strong and look at the gallery for inspiration.
I feel really sorry for the people on this diet who have not yet found this forum!!
Dear Shona,
I too am a slow loser, but just imagine how much worse you will feel if you give up? Don`t do it! LL is the best diet I have ever done. Done all the others; one week the weight comes off and the next week it`s half a pound or so on. Most of us on here can surely identify with that?
I have now lost 3stone 4lbs and never, ever believed I could do it. We`re all here for you.
Shona.. focus on the slim you - you know it really is going to be worth it in the long run. I have been tempted to be a bit disappointed with my weight loss over the last two weeks - but it could be water retention and I've got TOTM and even if it's none of those things... I'm 4lbs lighter over during a period when I could quite easily have piled on 7lbs!!

It's going in the right direction and that's the important thing!

You're doing brilliantly!
Don't give up! I know how despondant you can get if it SEEMS like you're losing slowly when everyone around you seems to be losing it fast. But you need to step back and look at the bigger picture and for that, you need a few weeks under your belt.

I posted something very, very similar early on in the diet because I felt the same as you but now I know I needed to wait and see my losses as a monthly average behind me - not as a weekly 'target' ahead.

Once you get those losses accumulated behind you, it'll be a different story - I promise. You're doing great and WILL see fantastic results! :)
Thanks everyone

Im trying to focus on the bigger picture, feeling lots better, and hey 1lb is a 1lb. Ive walked loads today, even conquered the stairs at work. I really couldnt do this diet without you