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Really Fed up & Down, not sure what to do :0( need Help!


Finally...Life begins
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:cry:Hi All,

Been totally off the wagon over the last couple of months, thought I could follow the cambridge plan on my own, didnt think my cdc really did anything for me anymore (they are great in retrospect but a but too nice to me if that makes sense!) then my elderly aunt (95yrs) came to stay with us early dec, she became quite ill, diagnosed with cancer, I cared for her and she passed away on the 3rd Jan. Some of you know my history with cancer and loosing my parents, so will understand this dug up a whole heap of emotions and i seem to have gone back into a vicious circle of comfort eating. Weighed myself tonight to find i am heavier now then I have ever been, i have gained loads in the last couple 7, 8 weeks.

I have decided I need the counselling side, big time, but dont know where to turn or what to do next. I am grieving bad, but at the same time trying to keep my strong head on and start getting my weight loss under control. I have so much to look forward to this year, my sister is getting married, Myself and my daughter are bridesmaids. We have a family holiday to egypt planned for july and my very first ever trip to New York being planned now. I know 150% if i am still 19 stone for any one of these events ill be gutted, so i need to get my arse into gear and start loosing again, but as soon as i say, right ill get back onto cambridge my evil subconscious tells me i am gonna fail again, and i end up going round in circles. I think about starting another high st diet - ie weight watchers but know ill be frustrated with the slow loss. VLCD's work very well for me, I am in ketosis within 72 hrs and i get big losses when i stick to it, so I know I can say i need to sort my head out and ill be slim in no time, but how do i go about doing that? Any ideas folks? MY CDC are good but its almost i need a kick up the arse when I am slipping up, instead they are so nice to me I think, oh i can get away with it, and i know i am cheating myself. This time last year I was about 3 stone later, so ive wasted a year being on cd!! SIGH!

Sorry in advance everyone, dont want to bring anyone down, just needed to vent!:cry::cry:
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Hi Angela - I remember you from my last time on here - since then I've had a nightmare 2007 and regained almost everything I'd lost so we're pretty much in the same boat there.

I know what you mean about fast loss vs being able to eat but knowing you want to get a decent percentage of your weight off by the time you go away on your trips, I'll be honest and say I don't think mainstream diets will be the solution.

On the other hand, SSIng on CD is a phenomenally difficult thing to do when you're NOT in a fragile place, emotionally speaking. What about CD 790? The results are fast but there is more flexibility. I've done a week of SS to kick start me but am seriously considering 790 from today.

I want to get about 8st off by my graduation in June 2009 so I don't technically NEED to get a stone a month off but I know I need the gratification of losing more than half a pound or a pound a week which is the likely scenario if I went to SW or WW (truth is, neither are 'my bag' anyway and there's no RC nearby)

Anyway, nice to see you back on board and good luck whatever you decide :)

I know how you feel about the head taking over. It is very difficult to diet when you have a lot going on in your life.

I did CD and although I thought it was great went off the wagon when things started going wrong in my life.

I started LL (it is very expensive £66 per week) but have found it a lot more supportive. You get group sessions every week which are very helpful. You also get exercise equipment, ball, bands and CD's and books to fill in, a bit like homework, for you to refer back to.

The drinks are not as going as CD not so much choice, but I find paying all that money also helps me stay on track.

Good luck with what you decide, it wont be easy but we are all here to help.

Hello - I am new to the board and my background is 5 yrs experience working with clients and VLCDs.

Another option for you is to get counselling (suggest CBT type counselling via your GP or WWW.BACP.co.uk ) before you attempt another Programme. Your head would be in a better place to start your weight loss journey and you would be less likely to set yourself up to fail.

Just another course of action for you to think about. :)


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I too know how you feel, I put on all my weight and 5lb more after stopping LL and I became ill with Gallstones...... I have just statred back on LL this is my first week and I too am finding it incredable difficult to stay focused.... I too think try a high st diet, would be better than not eating at all..............

But we can do this and talking on here certainly helps!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi ajax,

Just thought I'd give you a quick reply. Would you try and find a different cdc than the one you went to last time? he/she might be better! I will be starting the cb diet hopefully next week sometime when I meet my counceller. I am 20stone and am SO determined this time nothing or no one is goin to stop me I have my wedding to look forward to and I want to do it for that and for my girl to grow up with her mummy around and for her not to get bullied at school because she has a "fat" mummy,.

Good luck




Finally...Life begins
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Thank you all so much for your lovely replies today and yesterday! I think I must have been having a pretty down day today, because feel slightly more positive today. Had to go and sort out arrangements for my aunts funeral, and that was hard, but also a relief that the arrangements are all done. Anyway, went shopping and Im all for looking for signs, and I was talking away to her (in my head of course - haven't actually gone mad yet) and this book fell from the shelf.. can't remember who it was by but basically it was something like "stop eating and move your backside if you want to loose weight" made me giggle and come to my senses!

So decision has been made I am going back on Cambridge SS, thats 199% Sole Source! Just deciding now who to go with. Thinking of going back to my original cdc's maybe explaining i need them to be a little bit tougher, or making that longer road trip to someone new!? decisons decisons!!

Thanks all again, angela xx
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Congratulations on making the decision Angela. We are all here when you need us.
I'm sure that if you talk it through with your counsellor you will be able to find the right approach - we all fit a bit differently don't we
So glad you're more positive hun. Talk it through with your CDC, tell them you need "tough love" and don't forget all the wonderful peeps on Minis. They will always be here to help and advise and give the odd kick up the jacksy when required xx


Finally...Life begins
G: 10st0lb
So glad you're more positive hun. Talk it through with your CDC, tell them you need "tough love" and don't forget all the wonderful peeps on Minis. They will always be here to help and advise and give the odd kick up the jacksy when required xx

LOL love it thank you so much. Can you be my cdc?! lol:p
I'm in the same position too and trying to get my head around this restarting is tough. I have put back on the two and half stone I lost last year and am trying to get back on the wagon. I attempted it several times before Christmas and then again once the New Year started and was fine until the evenings when I would find myself hoovering up anything I could get my hands on and I'm so mad at myself because I know how horrendous I felt for the first week of ss last time!!!
Let's do it together!
One way to think is "what's the alternative?"

Not bother, give up and keep at the weight your at now, or gain even more, or give it 100%. We all know this diet works, but it needs working at. The first week is the hardest as we know, and we know what its like after that, but its the "getting your head around it" bit that can do us in at the initial stages.

I always used to think to myself, if I cheat or give up now, I will never know what I could have achieved.

Sending you both hugs xxx


Finally...Life begins
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I totally agree too! I thought that only this morning, my history proves if dont change my lifestyle ill be bigger and bigger each year, and that is not an option!
hi, my brother died in 2007, after an awful grieving period i realised that he had left me some wonderful gifts. i now appreciate my family much more, i make an effort with my family and he has given me more than he will ever know my relationship back with my siblings, we had all gone off on our merry little ways and now we all make an effort to see each other, it took my brothers death to bring us back together, the sad thing is , our parents died when we were all young so we probably didnt appreciate each other then.. life is precious and we dont really understand till we lose someone. my advice is look for a gift that your loved one has left and treasure it, wether it be material or spiritual

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