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Really feeling pants!

Ok so here i am moaning again, i did not ever realise that dieting would be soooo stressful!!

I lost 2lb last week and 3lb the week before, i cannot stop getting ont he scales each day because it does help motivate me when i see it go down however this week it just seems to be climbing!

If i have had anything higher inc als than normal i am making sure i am careful and still sticking within my cals so i dont understand how this is happening :(

It is really getting to me now, all i do is moan to my bf and he feels really sorry for me :(

I was 10,2 on Wednesday and i have gone up and down since then, ojnce i was 10,5 then this morning 10,4!! :(
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Hi Vic,

Oh hon dont feel down, bare in mind you have lost 43lb that is some achievment.

My weight can fluctuate so much during the week I no longer step on the scales til my weighin day, because if i am heavier, even though some days my tummy feels alot flatter I tend to overeat that day, which stalls my weight loss in the long run. I agree it can motivate me if i have lost but if i haven't it can seriously send me off the rails to scoff.

Sending ya a big hug:grouphugg:
Aww thankyou.
I know i should not get ont he scales everyday and i really should stop. I will now not get on until Wednesday which is my weighday. Going to exercise again tonight. Last night i burnt 370 cals so tonight maybe try burn the same amount.

Its so rubbish feeling like this. My aim is to just get into the 9's by the end of this month. I do sometimes feel bad for moaning as there are other people that have more to lose but i still have this horrid saggy belly. thats all im botherd with to be honest :(

My bar on here for my target says 2lb to go but im going for another stone by the way, well i can try and go for another stone...got my hol in may so as long as i hit my ultimate target for a month or 2 before then so i can get the right fit of clothes etc when i go shopping before hand


Looking for Slimville!
Aaah Vicky,

No wonder you're feeling a bit blah right now. But try not to get too down in the dumps about it. Like Jot pointed out - you have made tremendous progress so far. Just stick with it, frustrating as it can be at times, because the lbs you still want to lose will come off in time.

Plus I agree with Jot, my weight can fluctuate during the week. A few weeks ago I'd put on a lb by mid-week but come weigh in day I'd lost 3lbs!

Just keep doing what you're doing. :)
First off, well done on your loss so far, you should be proud of yourself for that!

Weighing every day is probably the worst thing for putting you on a downer, I know it is for me anyway! But you know all this, just to let you know you're not alone! I'm forever saying to my mum not to weigh every day too, lol.

Is it possible that your "gain" is menstrual-related? I always get so bloated when I'm due on.
I have 4 days of my pill left so not due on until a week today. Maybe tho this is the case this month, i dont usually feel so bloated. I think i am going to try having more fibre where i can. I love Weetabix but never know how many cals im having so i stopped with them.
I know the feeling having STS for too long now :cry: ...however was my bday last week and i must admit i did go over my cals and had wine etc started little weight training on for my arms i think this is why the scales are not moving ..but like you have decided not to WI everyday it's too depressing but i got use to doing in while on a vlcd ( cambridge /lipotrim ) must pick a day and stick to it !

psyllium husks capsuls or powder works good taken daily and can add weight loss .. look it up ,
i have also started taking this week CLA, And EFA as read both were good for weight loss and helped you keep lean muscle while shifting the fat .. we will see,
good luck... don't give in and well done on your exercise !
Was my bday last week but i had cereal bar for brekki then i had steak and ale pie then that was it so i felt i was within my cals to be honest. I think if i have gone over its only by about 100 and i work to 1000 day so never see this as toooo much of a problem.

Hopefully this wednesday weighing will bring good news :)

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