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Really getting fed up, am I right to be peeved?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Ok so I have lost a stone and a half now and am really pleased, im nearly a size 12 again and feeling more normal.

Im 5 4 and weigh 11 stone 9/10 ish and still want to get down to 10 stone which is quite normal for me; but to look at me now and see me not eating you would be suprised if you didnt understand the diet much.

So anyway when I see my friends who have known since school and have all remained quite trim and never had weight problems and think the diet is madness anyway - but let me get on with it regardless.

Anyway last night was the final straw, when i tell them how much i have lost they repeatedly tell me i dont need to lose anymore and even called me mad last night when i said i want to get to 10 stone! I said I do need to lose it, im not a healthy BMI yet and i still dont feel comfortable in my clothes i want to be a size 10 and thats that.

I wonder why, apart from the fact they are being nice, they constantly feel the need to tell me i dont need to lose weight when clearly yes i have weight to lose, whether i need to lose it or not is not an issue - I WANT to lose it, i dont think they get it - they are my close friends surely they are not trying to sabbotage me?

I emailed this morning and i just explained that rather than keep telling me i dont need to lose weight which is great i appreciate it, please can you just encourage me rather than trying to put me off of it, which she said she wasnt trying to do but just thought i look great - which was fine but i said it wasnt the point - i dont need to be told every time you dont need to lose weight bla bla - its like can you not see my fatness on my legs and belly still!? I must hide it well!

Oh im so tired of it - i feel like just staying away until i have lost it - they have never had a weight problem and im fed up of trying to explain what its like to have one x
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Big H

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People want us to be fat, coz it makes them feel better

Simples ;)


is a naughty girl...
I would also be fed up....just say I am nearly there and laugh this is all I use to do when I was losing before. my problem is if people say it enough I start to believe it and want to stop. however not this time I WILL GET TO GOAL!

I have had enough with 'can you eat this? well what about this?'

do what you want...it is your life, your body and your choice! ;)


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thanks guys. I just think - why keep telling me im fine as i am when i can lose more weight and be smaller than i am - I know they say they are only being complimentary but its just plain annoying!!

God it frustrates me! Just makes me more determined!


Winning a losing battle!
I think it's a jealousy thing hun, my sister has been avoiding me over the last few weeks because I refuse to stop CD and now weigh less than her!

I've started telling the people I work with that I am working up the plans and do now eat in the evening, so that's stopping some of the irritating comments.

I guess it's a compliment that they think you look great, but just stick to your guns until you get to where YOU want to be!


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Oh i totally sympathise and understand how annoying it is.

You know you need to lose more and regardless what your friends say, you know your body.

I've nearly lost 3st (i hope i get to it when i weigh in later!), but at 11.8 - I'm still overweight and my BMI is still 29. If my "slim friends" were 11.8 they would make such a song and dance about it - so why is it ok for me to 11.8?

I want to get to 10stone and no-one is going to stop me!!

It's lovely to have compliments but they can keep their ill advised comments to themselves!!


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