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really horrible question but..

My first meeting with my councellor was really good. She is really nice but I was a bit put off by the fact that she was quite overweight. I know this sounds terrible but if she is a councellor shouldn't she be in a normal weight range? I hope I don't sound nasty or anything as it is not my intention at all and she is a lovely lady I was just wondering why and I can't really ask her :p
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I thought the CDCs had to be within a certain BMI but maybe that is just to get certified. Not sure of the answer I just guess I assumed they did. Then I have always joked before doing CD that I could write a great weight loss book, you just couldn't put my picture on the cover.
My CDC is ummm...over weight too, and def not under a 28 BMI, she is lovely though. I didn't really think about it until you said but I suppose it does make sense.


Taking one day at a time.
That's quite bad but funny at the same time.... Just like Fatfighters in Little Britain!!
yeah mines said to become a counsellor ur bmi has to be under 27, maybe its initialy but my counsellor has her own counsellor she goes to see if she needs to lose some.


Taking one day at a time.
...or choclit?
Right, sorry, I'll stop now. Getting my coat!!


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In order to become a CDC, you need a BMI under 28. However, as we all know from our own personal weight loss journeys sometimes life gets in the way and we regain. CDCs are only human too, and she is probably very conscious of the extra weight she is carrying and doing all she can to lose it. As you say, she seemed like a lovely person, and as long as she is providing you with your packs, the support you need, and any advice then hopefully you will reach your personal goals.
Would have though it would be fatist to say you cant be a cdc if you put on some weight = thank god its not like that in other jobs cause we would all be stuffed (lol)....I quite like it that they have a battle as well, last thing I want is to feel like a failure if I dont loose one week...
Think all cdc should be fighting the fat fight with us......

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