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REALLY hurtful comment!

I started LL in 2008 and lost about 5 stone. I have gained back 3 of that and dipped in and out of lighterlife from then until now. I was 100% dedicated at the start and after i lost the initial large amount of weight i started to lapse and then never really 'properly' got into it.

I decided about a month ago i was going to give up and join the gym instead and use the money to exercise as i saw it as a more 'long term' way to lose weight.

I work at a rugby club at weekends and have done from when i first lost the weight so all these people have seen me go from 'fat' to thin and now back to fat again. A guy said to my face today that i must of come off the diet or its not working as ive gained back all my weight. I actually started crying as i couldnt believe someone would be so rude to say that to my face.

I am now absoloutely devasted to think all the rugby guys are discussing how i have gained the weight again and feel awful :(

I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't see LL as a 'long term' solution, does anyone else? Seriously? and if so please convince me of the long term reasons to commit. From what i have seen from myself and others in the past, as soon as you come off it you gain weight. I don't know what the long term solution is but i am really considering coming back to get more weight off as i was so insulted today.

HELP :cry:
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there are very nasty andi nsensitive people out there Jen... they are ignorant and have no idea about how to treat others.... ignore them.... rise above it and do what ever u feel happy with xx


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Forget about them, you're doing this for you so tune out those assholes.

As for LL not being worth it in the long run, I am a strong beleiver that all diets work, it's what you decide to do after the weight is all gone. Weight regain can happen on any kind of diet, it's the choices you make in your future that determines whether or not you gain weight back. A member on here named SlendaBlenda has kept the weight off for about 2 years, so yes, you can keep the weight off. It's all down to you.

Take care sweets x
Have you tried Slimming World? It's more of a long term life change than a diet...it teaches you how to make healthy choices and can be used to maintain as well as lose.

Ignore those creeps, can't believe someone would be so mean as to come out with something like that...like you don't have any feelings! Hope you feel better soon. x
It will work in the long term, if you put in to practice what you learn along the way. Thats the hard part.

I lost 10 stone in 2008 - maintained for over 2 years.

After an extremely traumatic year last year I put about 2 stone back on. But that is not because the diet does not work in the long term, its because life got to be too much for me to bear so I sought comfort, knowingly - knowing I would have to deal with it when life found its way back to "normalcy".

I dont even feel bad about the 2 stone. Pre LL, with the year I had I would have ballonned to unmanageable proportions - so LL diod work - it stopped me before the damage was too great.

SOmetime life throws us wobbles, and sometimes we have to throw the rules out temporarily.

I know LL has changed my life forever, and that I will never be 21 stone again. If I bob up and down between 10 stone and 12 stone I am quite happy with that - thought I intend to be right back where I was for the 2+ years I maintained within 3-5 poounds of goal.

Dont let the ******* get you down - its what you do that makes the diet work or not work - not what others say. Let it go - their are a lot of ignorant people out there.



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Yes! It does work! Reading people's stories on here proves it time and time again. Especially when you do it the right way. As in do Route To Management after you reach your goal. You stand much bigger of a chance to keep the weight off. LL is by far the best weight loss program out there in my opinion as apart from losing weight quickly you get help by counselling which makes a world of difference.
Like Yasmine and BL said though. It is entirely up to you if you make it work or not. The simple truth is. If you carry on eating like you have before the weight loss you WILL put the weight back on!
RTM is teaching you what food choices to make not to let this happen but the bottom line is it really is up to you..
As for negative comments of others. The best thing to do is to ignore them! Don't let them affect you Hun! They're nasty ignorant bullies who don't really know what they're talking about!
Who cares what they think?!!
Don't let them plant the seed of doubt in you! You CAN lose weight AND keep it off! You really can! You just have to believe in yourself a bit more! :)
My favourite saying is:
The Power Lies Within You!
It really does!

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Hey Jennifer,
I'm so sorry that happened to you. Ignorant p*g.
Use it, get the power you need from it. Sometimes these hurtful comments goad us into action.
What's the best way to show them?
Lose the weight, be in control. Let them see how beautiful and strong you can be. And then turn them down when they ask you for a date.
LL changed my life. It's not the answer in itself. It's the vehicle for losing the weight. The psychology is what makes it work.
You have to re-evaluate your relationship with food, forever.
As with everything, you get out out of it what you put in.
The easy part is losing the weight. The challenge is keeping it off.
I can tell you it is so worth it.

Good luck xx


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I aqgree with SB - losing is the easy part - what happens after that is your decision - thats what you have to learn.
Not that I'm defending him but he probably didn't mean to be hurtful. Blokes, and rugby blokes in particular don't really think that they might be upsetting someone by stating the obvious about a woman's weight. It's difficult when you've lost a lot of weight as people are always going to comment. And usually it's good stuff. But then your weight becomes 'public property' from then on it seems. It happens to a lot of people who lose a lot of weight. People feel they can discuss your weight forever more and you won't mind.

LL DOES work if you want it to but it does mean changing a lifetime of bad eating habits. It doesn't mean you can't ever eat anything tasty ever again but you do need to be aware of what you're doing. There are some people who can eat what they want and stay thin...but we're not those people sadly!

I have slowly put on a stone over the last year until I went for hypnotherapy and it has totally changed the way I think about food (which didn't really happen on LL). I never feel I'm on a diet and am in complete control of what I'm doing...and the stone I put on has gone along with another 6lbs.

Other people don't matter. What they think doesn't matter. What matters is doing the right thing for you and feeling good about yourself around those rugby boys!
Thanks so much fpr all your lovely comments. I have had a long chat with my wonderful LL counsellor and i am going back next thursday the 25th i think it is so looking forward to getting started again and getting back on track to losing the weight once and for all!

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