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Really need this to work

Hi All,

Wanted to ask a few questions and get your opinion on a few things, so hope that someone may be able to help.

I had my second baby in Jan and now need to lose 6stones! I started off the year doing Cambridge Diet, but we went on holiday 3 times (parents live abroad) and although I took my packs with me, I only lasted a few days before I ate, then went back on the packs. I came back from holiday and started again, then went back on hols and ate, then started again etc etc, once I started eating, I couldn't stop and I put on the 1.5 stones that I had lost doing CD.

I then paid lots of money to have 2 hypnotherapy sessions as I thought I needed to work on the issues as to why I eat, although this did work for a few weeks, it hasn't really worked.

I then started Rosemary conely at home, but only losing 1lb a week is making me feel really down.

I've just come back from holiday and have put on a few more llbs. I was feeling so so down on holiday, until I started to think about 'Lighter Life' and this has really cheered me up, I just hope that this time, I can change.

I need to lose weight for myself, but more than anything, I want to lose weight for my children, I don't want to be the 'fat mum' at school, or spend another summer not getting into the swimming pool, or avoiding social events, because I feel fat.

When I was doing Cambridge Diet, I did lose weight fast, however I always felt that I needed additional support, even though my counsellor was good, I felt I needed extra help. I suppose I what I want to know is, has anyone done CD, then gone on the do LL? If so, how did it work for you, do the classes really make the difference? Is it possible to do CD, then to do LL and get to goal?

I've been thinking that I will start the first week in Jan, as I know that I will not be able to get through Christmas and work's party etc, so want to start afresh in Jan.

Sorry this is so long, but I suppose I want to hear some good stories, so that I can tell myself that I can do this!

Louale x
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I have done CD and Lipotrim and have lost weight on both but with CD didn't get any support and failed.
I started Lighter life last night and the support that you get from your other group members and counsellor are invaluable. There are a lot of folks on this forum who has lost very large amounts of weight on lighter life and will be able to give you masses of support and advice.
I personally am going to succeed and failure is not an option.
Good luck with your decision but choosing LL will be the best thing you have ever done.


Surgically happy.
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This can and will work for you, I promise. BUT in all honesty I think you may have to ensure you don't arrange any holidays until you're finished completely - they have done to you what they did to me - caused me to lose my focus and end up failing. (Not on LL - but on everything else I have tried).

Not going away might be hard but you'll live longer, so therefore get more holidays in the end.


Surgically happy.
S: 23st8lb C: 10st7lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 13st1lb(55.45%)
It sounds like you've really got the motivation to do this. I had a friend who did LL who also did it 'for her kids.' However one day the kids were being total PITAs and so she lapsed as she didn't see LL as being worth it. We had a really good chat and now she focuses on doing LL for herself in order for her to be a healthier person, wife, mother and it's really helped her.
This is so true - this is something that you HAVE to do for you. If you place any responsability for your success on anyone else, no matter how wonderful, you leave yourself open to rebelling if they upset you.

I have dozens of reasons to do this and they're all about me (admittedly one of the big reasons is that I want to date again and don't feel I can while I'm fat - which is dangerous, because if I have a bad experience I could lapse - luckily when I did have a bad experience I didn't even consider lapsing but I giess that is because I was really doing this for ME and not any person in particular).
Hi Laststraw/Many and Andy,

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond to my message and for the excellent advise.

I will be joining you in January.

Thanks once again, you have really inspired me.

Louale x


Surgically happy.
S: 23st8lb C: 10st7lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 13st1lb(55.45%)
It is no trouble, Louale! We're all in the same boat, we may be at different stages of our journey but we all very much want everyone to do well. Please do stay, get to know people here, and before you know it, it'll be January :)

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