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Really need to rant


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So last night i was working in the bar which is a members club so same old faces everyday kinda thing, i have just started doing a couple of night shifts up there after a 5 month break. One particular customer came in last night with his family and completly managed to destroy my last shreds of confidence.

His first glorious statement was along the lines of

"oh last time i saw you, you were doing so well on your diet. WHAT HAPPENED" (in reality probably only put on about 2lbs)

So told him i was starting CD next week, so next came the old faithful

"Things like that are a load of S**T, you wanna stop picking at sweets and get some exercise thats your problem"

Then came

"Don't take this the wrong way but you always see fat people picking at sweets in thier cars, (now imagine this next bit with a look of amazement on his face) and some of them are bigger than you

And for the finale was telling his wife about my holiday in september with 12 mates and out came

"God it must be hard for you to go away with all those pretty girls in bikinis with there boobs out"

So after chucking his pint over him(i wish) i quickly went away to talk to the pervert at the end of the bar. Very quiet night in there otherwise would not have been talking so much to them.

Until last night i never thought of myself as obese but obviously thats how people see me, i'm about 5ft9 and wear size a 18 on the bottem and 16 on top.

Sorry to go on but one blokes opinion has destroyed me, can't wait to start now.
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what a nasty person
if he thinks your big what the hell would of he have said to me
nasty nasty nasty

good job he doesn`t live near me i`d send the heavys round

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself and believe me that will come.

What a prick!

Can't wait for you to wipe the smirk off his face. I bet he ends up fancying the pants off of you and please sell me the first ticket for the show when you tell him to sling his arrogant ugly hook!

C'mon girl! You will do this and show them all!!!!


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What a horrible, shallow man. It amazes me that people feel they have the right to make comments like this.

Well done you for keeping your cool, it shows you as the better person.

Good luck with starting CD, please don't let this little, ignorant man effect you any more.

Jazzy x


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How very rude :mad:

don't let him get you down hun....it's only the opinion of those you VALUE that count !

and he certainly doesn't fit that category.....

chin up - this time next week you'll be feeling FAB :D

lotsa love



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Thanx for all your comments he must have caught me on a good day coz normally an ash tray would have been aimed in his direction, (its happened before), can't wait to see the look on his face when i bring in holiday snaps of the new slim tanned me.


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Well at least you did not have to go home with him:D

(pity the poor wife of his)


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Well when i eventually start its gonna be lynjo, can't wait to meet her sounds so nice on the phone,

Where abouts are you on the south jazzy


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I didn't realise there was someone else down here in Portsmouth..... Thought there was only two!!!!!

I live in Southsea, not so sunny today though!!!!!!!


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah i'm on hayling island and its not quite the tropical paradise i want, raining like hell today


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Thanks. It's been tough at times but the end result is totally worth it. It's the one diet I actually managed to stick to!!!! All or nothing seems to be the way with me. I'm hopeful that this is changing, particularly with the maintenance.

Jazzy x
Ok - so you were serving him at the bar. That doesn't mean that you have to take his insults!!

When I was a barmaid, if a customer was rude to me, I would refuse to serve them then complain to the manager. You just don't have to take any sh1-t from drunks!

He's obviously been spending a long time looking at your figure - I would have been tempted to point that out to him!!

What a t*sser!

PLEASE don't let one arhsehoole destroy your self-confidence. He's not worth it.



i love minimins me :)
i completly agree with isobel!!!

i had comments wen i worked in a bar n i refused to serve them, then told the rest of the staff why and they refused to also serve them haha

u r beautiful! n we all look forward to hearin of ur success


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