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really need to start exercising ,

Nearly finished my 7th week on lipotrim , but haven't been doing feck all exercise , gonna start walk-in the dog every day for 20-30,mins and on day off work walk dog and do Wii fit think this will be ok , really afraid I will have slow weightloss if start exercising , I know I will be getting fitter , but if start losing a pound a week I might get disheartened
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All you need to do is up the water to compensate!!!

When i emailed Lt they said that you have a slower loss sometimes when you exercise because you dont drink extra water and you dehydrate and hold the water you have....

I asked them if 1 extra litre for my half hr fast walk/jog was sufficient and they said yes..... so i reckon if on your walk you took an extra half litre with you it'd do it!!!

You can't put a measure on how much better you feel when you exercise though!!!

Good luck hun!!! x
I know deezer , but really wanna still see good weight loss , as been on tfr with exercise and not losing I think I would cry ! But I'm gonna give it a shot drink extra water see wat happens anyhow ,
@ Liz Clarke - I found first 5 days a nite mare , without the girls on this I would of failed , I still get bad days here and there , but get thru them . I was like u reading ppl post on first day thinking I can't imagine been on it 7 weeks but the 7 weeks have flown by , u be amazed how quickly they go x best of luck with it come on here for support


Determind dieter :D
I had a slower loss last week but I am NOT going to stop exercising as I want this to be my new lifestyle so if it takes me a bit longer to lose the weight then so be it :)

I'm in this for the long haul ;) although quick losses are good I'm hopefully toning as I go along as well now. So will notice my body changing as well as the scales :) x x x Good luck honey x x x
I'm sure once you start you'll see what suits you and what doesn't. Good luck and thanks, struggling and really cannot wait to be in weeks rather than days

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Determind dieter :D
Everyone wants to be somewhere else on this diet. I think we just have to take 1 step/day at a time :) and we'll plod along and get to goal :D x x x
I up-ed the exercise a couple of weeks ago and joined a gym. The weight loss started to slow down but I didn't really increase my fluids. Last week I increased the water and went back to my usual 5lb weight loss. I feel so much better with the exercise and I want to tone up so I don't get too flabby. Just go with it and see how it goes. We are all different. Best of luck.
I've started off doing lots of toning exercises, but following what you ladies have said I think I'll start the aerobic programme next week! Like you've already said, it's what suits everyone individually...I've had 30% of my weeks where I've only lost 2lbs, but they'd be the weeks that on any other diet I'd have stalled or put on!! Good luck everyone with the evil that is exercise, lol :)

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