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Attack Really pleased with myself....

well done :D
Well done Jo! You're seeing real results...no better motivation to stick with it! x
Wait...just wait until the other results start kicking in! Your shape will change so much, this plan clears skin problems and even seems to get rid of cellulite!!! Exciting times ahead! :) x
it also gives you knees my hubby says lol
You just wait Jo!!! Stick with it...in a month you won't know yourself! And take some before photos, seriously, even if only for yourself...The change can be astounding and seeing them has made me realise I'll NEVER go back x
Great motivation! I'm determined to not have a 'fat photo Christmas' and if I could have a bikini summer that would be nice too :)
Well you might even be too thin for them by then!!! We have 76 days! :)


Half a pound at a time.
Well Done - its awesome when the weight comes off, makes it worth not having the wine etc. Im already on my 1 stone mark and not done my full two weeks yet! I would take this feeling over wine any day x
Wow, you're under the 200lbs now SkinnyCow? That must have been a milestone! Well done x
Well done!

I was someone who drank 1/2 bottle of wine a night before Dukan and in all honesty that was the thing I thought I'd struggle the most with. Oddly though, after the first few days the craving for wine stopped.

Keep on trucking, you're doing great :)
well done Jo
I too have been taking photos (well bf is) every week - front, back and side - have been on diet 4 weeks tomorrow - hopefully we will both see a significant difference by chrimbo.
Well done!

Another advocate for the before and after pics, they are great to look back on as the changes happen so so fast on Dukan!

I had a pair of jeans I was desperate to fit back into, I tried them on at the start, I could get them just to my thighs. Few weeks later, I could get them all the way up but could only do them up when lying down, oh, and I couldnt actually move in them ;) the following week,they fit perfectly!

The results can be shocking at times, in the most brilliant way :D
Ok....the jeans in question....I can get them up, but no way of fasteningthem just yet....maybe 2 inches between teh button and the hole.

What are my chances of wearing them in 3 weeks for my 30th birthday night out do you think? I think I would cry if it were possible!!
From my personal experience, I'd say a very good chance! I was amazed how fast clothes suddenly fit (and got too big!!) let us know how you get on :)

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