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Really starting to worry ...

I have been dieting for a few months now.. Not sure how much weight I have lost as I use between a wheelchair and crutches due to neurological problems and cannot weigh on a normal scales..

I can see in my clothes how much I have lost and have dropped nearly 2 dress sizes ...I am not skinny I am now a size 14-16... yay I hear you say .. Yes I am pleased but the last two weeks I have been skipping meals .. Not hungry so breakfast is out the window.. then lunch .. hmm.. not hungry.. Hubby comes home from work and we have Dinner ..Im just picking at it =not good :cry:
Hubby and a friend of mine have pointed this out to me and are starting to worry me.. :(

Saturday hubby ordered a Kebab .. I had chicken sheesh no sauce and salad .. I eat 1/4 of it and it came bk up as quick as it went down :( I think it was too heavy for my tummy .. Also as I am eating it I feel guilty and my heads spining OMG how many calories am I eating :eek: Now I always had a kebab on my diet every weekend and still lost weight ...

Sunday evening I had tin tomatoes on toast (nimble) I managed one slice and a few tomatoes .. (guilt)

Monday I went all day on water and coffee without giving food a thought ..

Tuesday .. It was pointed out to me Im not eating much .. was pale faced and felt weak.. I ate a quorn burger and salad but did not enjoy it..

Wednesday I knew i had to make an effort so I made myself eat 3 slices of quorn meat at lunchtime and scrambled egg 1 slice of bacon for tea ..

Today I still feel weak and giddy so I have had plenty of fluids and a quorn slice in a piece of brown nimble bread for lunch..
I know this is not normal.. and I think i have taken my diet to the extreme and I am worried I have lost control.. I WILL eat tonight even if im not hungry .. maybe I will try a muller light yogurt too .. I want to eat normal again but I am scared of putting on or not losing weight :confused:
Have anyone ever felt this way?
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It sounds as though you're veering toward the early stages of Bulimia. I strongly suggest that you visit your GP and speak to him/her about it.


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Totally agree with the above, I'd contact your GP and get an appointment straight away.

This is something you need to nip in the bud immediately, hope your GP is of some help x


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i agree with the others.. you really need to get some help from your GP.... dont wait and see if it gets better, go to the next appointment and make sure you tell them everything
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I've done the same in the past, so can totally understand it... in fact on LL my weekly goal is to actually have all the packs even if I have to force them down my throat.

Exept for seeing your GP (which is a good idea) my advice is to set your phone on your alarm every few hours and when it goes off you eat something. Breakfast being the most important.... even if its a muller light or even something like a slim-fast shake. Small and regular is easier than big-meals.

The thing is, if you -dont- eat you'll go into starvation mode, and while you might lose initially if it continues either your body will start shutting down or you'll stop losing/mess up your metabolism. I'm sure you know this - sometimes its hard convincing the brain that though...

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