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Really struggling to drink the water

From what I have heard it does affect the weight loss. You can do it, just have 500ml at a time and divide it throughout the day it doesn't feel too bad, trust me I sometimes wouldn't have any water all day (before Cambridge) but now I have 3-4 litters a day, I keep it in 2 litre bottles so that I know exactly how much I have had!! Hope that helps!!
I know I have to drink it, but for some reason it seems to be harder than not eating!!
My son keeps taking my bottle and flinging it around the house (hyper 4 yr old) so I can never find it then I forget and before I know it it's time for bed...
I'm going to have 1l now (obviously not going to down it in one :) )
It is vital to have your water for health reasons I carry a 500ml bottle with me and try to have a mouthful every 10 minutes of so. This really helps me give it a try :)

Start Weight: 17 st 9 lbs
Goal Weight: 11st 6 lbs
Start Date: 05/10/2011
Target Date: 30/03/2012
Lose Weight for my Wedding Day!

WK 1 - Lost 9lbs
Wk 2 - Lost 5.5 lbs
Wk 3 - Lost 9lbs
Wk 4 - Lost 3.8 lbs
Wk 5 - Lost 4.8 lbs
Current Weight 15st 7lbs
Total Loss so far 2st 2lbs

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