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Really struggling to get started

Hi everyone,

I've been on and off WW for years, yo yo dieted myself through the last couple of years.

It's now got to the stage where I'm the heaviest I've ever been, I decided to re join class last week (Tuesday) and I've done nothing but eat all week since.

I just don't seem to have the motivation that I desperately need!! :eek:

I'm my own worst enemy - none of my clothes fit, I hate looking at photos of myself, get so depressed trying to get ready for a night out but yet, I just can't seem to get started!

I feel better for writing it down and hopefully the lightbulb will come on soon and I can get started - anyone else been the same??
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know exactly how u feel x

im exactly the same, started weightwatchers then ended up eating more than i usually do and loads of takeaways, then i sit and think why did i do that, whats wrong with me? i even spend £150 on an exercise machine im yet to use. i really want to lose weight but the motivation just isnt there! :( re starting tomorrow :) we can do this hun, dont give up xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I could have written that myself! Ive been dieting for what feels like forever, different diets, only lasting a few weeks, lose a few pounds then put them on and more.
I started WW and got of to a great start and now slowly its starting to come back on as i cant stop eating. Its weigh in tomorrow and I wont be going as ill have put on again, I put on last week aswel.
Ive been good today and im going to bed soon so i dont start eating, you are not alone, I thought the run up to Christmas would make me stick to it but so far it isnt.
Lets try and support each other and see if it helps
Helloooo 22 years the same out if my 41 years and it's hard BUT one day at a time is the best way I feel now, also small goals Christmas is good , 8 weeks 4 days when you think back that was begining of September so that's gone really quick!
I hope you get to goal and enjoy shrinking :) xx
i was exactly the same but then sumthin clicked and now im not strugglin at all, now in sayin that i had shity weekend and shity start to week but from 2mro im back on plan and doin fast start with 2 other great girls on the forum!the support on here is great!u can do this!xx
I've had a similar problem, I had lost weight with weight watchers in 2005, going from 14st 2.5 to 8st 13, but then I couldn't do maintenance because of stressful things happening to my life and lost control. The good news is that I've come back to dieting in July 2009 at the weight of 13 st 2.5 and since then, I've lost 70 lbs and done maintenance successfully for 3 months. The weight just melted away the second time round and I was much more focused because I KNEW that I could do it (I did it once!) and I KNEW what I wanted to look like!

Have you still got pictures of yourself at goal? put them on your fridge and on any of your food cupboards and ask yourself every time I take something: is it really necessary? How is it going to help your goal of coming back to that thin self you see in the picture? point everything you have in your house, actually weight it and calculate the points and put a sticker on the packs with how many points that pack is. If you have loose stuff and you don't like weighting it all the time, when you buy the bag make small bags of food inside and point those: I do it for my nuts, I buy a big pack of mixed nuts and then divide it into small packs with "2" written on them. So I know that when I fancy some nuts, I pick a bag and have my 2 points worth and put it into my tracker.

More than anything else, KEEP FOCUSING and keep on choosing to lose weight, for YOURSELF, for nobody else!:heartpump:
I know exactly where you are coming from x Since i left the army 7 years ago i've been yo yoing.. i went from 13st 7 to 10 st 10.. and here we are again... im at 13st 9.
It is hard to start again, im lucky that my partner is dieting too.. although he's doing tesco diets as that works for him.
I do think you will find writing it down helps, i've been doing a food diary on here and just written my 1st entry in a blog on here too..
We can all support each other chick x x x
Thanks for all your encouragement guys!

Starting again tomorrow and, fingers crossed, I'll make progress this time! :)
Don't wait until tomorrow to start again! Why not aim to eat healthily for the rest of the day, no matter what you've munched on earlier. If you get back on track now then you'll start tomorrow feeling proud of yourself for ending the day well :)

I go through periods where I just eat and eat and eat, and no matter how bad I feel about it, I just can't stop. It really sucks, and of course, I am then devastated when I inevitably put on weight. *sigh*

What works for me is tracking absolutely everything and bulking up meals with loads of zero point veg. I find I get so much more bang for my buck if I cook from scratch, so I tend to cook double and save the leftovers for a v.easy and quick meal later in the week. Being prepared with an easy healthy meal gives me zero excuse to buy a takeaway, so maybe this would work for you?

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