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Really Struggling with Abstinance - help!!

I am really really struggling getting the last stone off. I am finding total abstinence really difficult. I am nearly finished my 100 of LL but I haven't lost as much as would have liked as I haven't been able to remain totally abstinence (SP).

I have made the decision today that I am going to join Weight watchers this week to loose the last stone. I hope I have made the right decision??? - help!!

I feel it would be too easy just to give up now - every one is telling me I look good (now size 14) but I know in myself I have got to get down to a BMI of 25 to feel that I have completed this journey.

Last weekend I had family wedding. It had be planned for years and I had always planned to eat at the reception. I was careful in my choices at the meal and at my weigh-in last week I had put on 6lbs!! I know that that was probably glycogen but I just cant seen to get back into it. I feel that £66 a week for a diet I am now doing half heartedly is silly and WW would be better instead of development for a few weeks then maintenance.

Basically - I just need reassurance that this is the correct decision! help!!
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Sorry but I cant give the reassurance that you want because I really do feel that the LL process is the best diet on the market! The maintenance process is in my opnion essential to addressing the demons. I KNOW its hard but you are so close! Why not get back on the wagon & join us on the development thread? We're all struggling after the 100 days and getting each other through it. Of course it has to be your choice but I think from the tone of your post that while wanting to start eating you know deep down that the right thing to do is stay until the end. Its your journey so dont let people sabotage it! It is a hard decsion and I have thought of it mysefl but know I need to look at my triggers & only LL allows me to do that! Hope you fin the right decision for YOU though! Big hugs.


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Princessfiona - this is classic behaviour so many people on LL struggle with the last stone thinking that it doesn't matter - it actually looks like it's the biggest hurdle of the programme you aren't alone at all - we've had a lot of this recently as there are several of us at that stage. There are support materials about this step that your counsellor can use with you -
please ask for help as I think that completing this process is vital - hitting your original goal and completing the programme it absolutely vital to your final success in my opinion.


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Also following WW will mean that your glycogen return may hit you hard and cause you to gain weight - this is why you should follow management. I just got my book today and it really is incredibly well thought out.

Mrs Lard

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Hi Princessfiona

I have to say Cerulean is absolutely right. I am one of the close-to-the-end crowd and I have had to be dragged through Development; I didn't ditch LighterLife BUT I messed around with food and dragged out the whole process and made it far longer (and more painful) than it needed to have been.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that there is a tipping point in weightloss and each and every time I was close (and others on here have had the same experience), I stopped.

We blame boredom, we blame cash, we blame any and everything - anything that means we don't finish. I have dreamt up some amazing reasons WHY I haven't lost the weight.

I also came to the conclusion - in a dialogue with Cerulean - that the very fragile tipping point is the one that makes a HUGE difference because we stop being dieters who'll get there some day...we get to the other side. We get there.

This may seem heavy so I can only say that the weight I am at now, I have never been in my adult life and I'm not in my 20s!

I would urge you to go the distance - if only to see how it feels! Of course, I don't know your weight history - you are in Foundation now - and maybe you don't have so many demons to deal with but, most of us, find that being overweight is a symptom of something else...usually something emotional!

If you were running a marathon, you'd be hitting the infamous "wall" but what do those runners who complete the course do? They run it out, painful though it is - maybe they even hobble through it, step by step. But by reaching the finish line, they can then say...I did it. No one gets a medal if they come back and finish the marathon another time.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Mrs Lxxxxx
Hi PrincessFi
Yes I too have been struggling in Development and have a stone and a half to go to hit my BMI target. Every LL'er that I've ever spoken has said the golden rule is "do management".

It occurred to me this week that in all the years I've been yo-yo'ing on the scales, I've NEVER been 'one of the success stories' I'm now so close to being one of those people who actually got to their goal weight I can barely believe it. I want to be one of these people more than anything. I want to say I've done it, and it's gone forever. So on that basis I'm sticking with it and seeing management through til the end.
I like Mrs L feel that I've messed around recently, and all I've achieved is adding another 3-4 weeks onto the process.
Do keep posting and let us know what you decide :D
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I know it seems like the best option when you are struggling with abstinance to got the WW route but I do think that you might find its like being let loose in a sweet shop when you were 7 years old. I too have been tempted to take this route which was always may intention untill just recently. WW never worked for me before , so it probaly wont this time either. Have you thought about switching to Cambridge Diet becuase they have a few plans where you mix packs with an evening meal that still keeps you in a mild state of Ketosis and gradually brings you back into the world of food.
I know management is the key , but I dont think LL allow you to do it if you take a break after foundation , becuase after all you have already gone back into the food world and the plan is all about bringing food grps in very slowly so you can idetify the ones that are triggers to overeat for you.
Just think carefully about it, annd remember if you need any help we are all here for you.
I have contacted Cambridge to see if there are any counsilors near me. I started off the journey last year on Cambridge and only stopped because the counsilor moved away. I cant find any others in my area but hopfully I will get an email from Cambridge to see if there are any that aren't on the site.
I find LL too limiting and coped much better with Cambridge. I had no gains at all while on Cambridge last year and managed to maintain once coming off it. In May this year I decided to finish off my journey and get to my original target. I havnt quite maged it but have gone in the right direction. I would still like to loose the last 1 - 1 1/2 stone to bring me done below BMI of 25.

If I canr get a cambridge counsilor I am just going to persevere with WW. I feel learning healthy eating habits are what I need and thats what the WW core plan is all about. Ideally I will do that after doing Cambridge for another couple of months though!

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