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Really struggling


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Ive been struggling with SW since I was away for a week or so. I came back but Im so tired and feeling ill its hard work. I keep trying to motivate myself and stick to the plan but then I really want chocolate and crisps and things that are high in syns.
I was way over syns on saturday and thought fair enough start again sunday. Did ok on sunday but had 2 packets of crisps and a pack of butterkist light yesterday (havent worked out the syns)
Part of me is saying oh forget today tomorrow is weigh in and Ive already blown it, part is saying damage limitation and yet another part is saying I go away again in a week or so maybe I should give up and start again properly after that.
I hate my split mind sometimes lol
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Hi hun, just draw a line under the last few days and start again, even though it is wi tomorow still have a hundred percent day today. I used to find it really difficult sticking to my syn allowance but now i have started always having 15 and having them at night after i have put the kids to bed. I tend to break it into little things so that i feel i'm getting more for my syns. I have 50g walls light ice cream and a meringue nest (6 syns), then i have a packet of french fries (4.5) and then i might have an alpen light or a choc chip cookie or something and if i feel really hungry i have a mugshot too. I find this works for me. Make sure you fill up with free foods when you want to eat. Personally i had to give up eating chocolate and chocolate bars as once i started i couldn#t stop. It has really helped me stay on track.

Dont' beat yourself up, we all have times like this hun xx
I agree Hun. There's no point beating yourself up over something that has already happened...but you have the ability to change what you do about it.
Plan your meals carefully and throw yourself into the plan. Its just getting into it again after holiday mode.
You will get back on track Hun, so dont panic!


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Don't beat yourself up about a little "blip" like this - it definitely is NOT the end of the world - take note of advice given above and just get yourself back on track by eating loads of speed foods (especially until WI) and who knows?

I've been where you are, as most of the people on this forum are likely to have been, so you're not alone - in a few weeks or so, when you look back on this you'll see that it really is just a "blip" and you've got through it!

Best o'luck'n'stuff.

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